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How much should it cost to replace the oil pan gasket on a 1995 Toyota Camry?


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I own a 1996 Toyota Camry and it cost me about $20. The job is easy enough that you yourself can do it, rather then paying a mechanic an arm and a leg. Your best bet is to put the car up on ramps.. If you don't have ramps try to borrow them from a friend. Jacks are too unsturdy for a job like this. Afer you have the vechicle safety up on ramps then you must first drain your oil pan. The plug is located right on the bottom of the oil pan, just unscrew it. Be sure to have a pan underneath to catch the oil. Then after all the oil is drained you can now remove the exaust pipe that has blocked a part of the oil pan. If you follow the exaust all the way to the front where it ends you will see three bolts holding it onto the car.. Remove these bolts. You will want to make sure you have purchased not only the oil pan gasket and sealer for the gasket.. But also the sealer and gasket for the exaust.. These only run about $5-10 each. Then after removing the exaust push it to the side.. Then you may now start to unbolt the twenty something bolts that connect the oil pan.. After doing this be sure to scrap off any remaining gasket left on the oil pan... The stores sell gasket remover to make it easier to scrap off. Then apply the sealer directly to the oil pan then add the gasket.. Then put the new oil pan gasket and pan back on the car.. And that is all... This process takes about One hour if done correctly.. One hour from start to finsh.. Hope this has helped you in some way.


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