How much should you sell your guinea pigs for?

You should sell your guinea pig depending on alot of different things.... Whether it is a registered guinea pig, what type of guinea pig it is such as the more expensive breeds like peruvian, calic, crown etc. Or if your guinea pig is more of the uasull type such as the American long hair or the American short hair. Some times the German short hairs are uasull types in some states. If your guinea pig is a registered breed then you cann sell him/her for more than 40$ depending on the breed, If your guinea pig is a more expensive breed like the ones i have showed you above you can sell them with out being registered for between 30 to 40$ , If your guinea pig is one of the most common breeds you can sell them for 20 to 30$ , But always make sure you are putting your guinea pig in a good home :)