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Q: How much space does a lion need in a zoo?
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In a zoo how much space does a hippo need?

it needs enough space

How much space does a monkey need in a zoo?

all of it

How much space does an emperor penguin need in a zoo?

i dun know

How much space does a saltwater crocodile need to live in a zoo?


How much space does an elephant need in a zoo?

around 250m cell to make them happy

How much space does a cheetah need in a zoo?

Enough for it to hunt for its prey and run around.

How much space do koalas need in zoos?

Well it really depends on what zoo you live near.

How much space does a family of meerkats need in a zoo?

well i don't know cristina fantasiu loves Kevin

What was the lion's name in We Bought A Zoo?

The lion in We Bought A Zoo was named Solomon.

Is there a lion in Slovenia?

Yes, there is a lion in the Ljubljana ZOO.

How much captivity space does a lion need?

Lions in captivity don't need to hunt because they are fed. But cages are like prison cells. The lion enclosure at the Toronto Zoo is a couple of acres outdoors and about 1500 square feet indoors. The indoor enclosure has a part that is not visible to the public and the lions go in there. But they are curious enough to have a look at the public too and they are fed in the publically visible area.

How much space does a pygmy marmoset need in a zoo?

A Pygmy marmoset needs 1-2 acres, as they live in family groups.