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Q: How much space on earth does a rainforest take up?
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How much space does a river take up in a tropical rainforest?

about half

How much time does it take for a space shuttle to get to the moon?

Space shuttles were built for low earth orbit. Not to goto the moon

How much space do deserts take up?

Deserts cover about 33% of the earth's land surface.

What biome has the most diversity?

i read about this in class, marine because it take up 70% of the earth. It's not just diverse because it takes up that much space, it is because there are a lot of different species living amongst one another.

How much space do mountains take up?

The mountains take up at least a quarter of the earth's surface The mountains really don't take up that much of the earth's surface. They are found in ranges at convergent plate boundaries that "fold up" the land.

Why does it take less fuel to launch a space shuttle from moon than from earth?

To launch a space shuttle (or anything) you have to overcome gravity. The gravitational attraction of the moon is tremendously less than that of the Earth. The moon is much smaller than the Earth.

How many mile will it take to get from the savanna to the tropical rainforest?

They are in opposite parts of the world. The savanna is in Africa and the tropical rainforest is in Southeast Asia.

How long will it take for a space shuttle to go from earth to space?

8 minutes.

Can you apply vacuum from space to earth?

Why would you want to take "nothing" from space when there is plenty of "nothing" right here on Earth.

What is deforestation in a rainforest?

deforestation is when people take down trees in a rainforestand use the space for growing soy beans or farming

What objects in space above earth take pictures of stars and planets?

its called a satellite, a large object floats in space above earth to take pictures of stars and planets

How much time does it take to fly to the space?

It takes about 8 minutes from launch for the shuttle to reach space. Wow? The space shuttle and the International Space Station orbit the Earth about 16 times a day. They are actually traveling faster than a bullet and together with the Earth's gravity keep them in orbit around our planet