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64 grams

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No sugar in miller lite. Miller lite it's self turns into sugar in the body.

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20 grams

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Q: How much sugar does miller lite have?
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How much cholesterol is in a 12oz bottle of Miller Lite?

There is not any cholesterol in Miller Lite or any beer for that matter.

How much cholesterol is in a Miller Lite?


When was miller lite introduced?

Miller Lite was created in 1975.

How much is a keg of miller lite in killeen Texas?

89.99 @ HEB

How much sugar is in miller lite beer?

Yes, any product made with grains such as barley, wheat, and rye contains gluten. All beer is made with barley, and several others are made with wheat and rye. Therefore, unless a beer specifically states that it is gluten free, you should assume that it is not.

Is Miller lite a light beer?

That is why they call it Lite. It has 60 fewer calories then the regular Miller.

Where is miller lite distributed in Alberta?

As far as I have looked, it isn't. I know Ontario sells Miller Lite.

What is Miller Lite corporate headquarter's phone number?

customer service phone number for miller lite

Why is Coors light and miller lite spelled different Specifically LITE . LIGHT?

Lite beer originally came from Mister Brau. Miller bought the names in the 70s. Shortly after that Mister Brau Lite was changed to Miller Lite. The same beer, different name.

How much alcohol does miller lite have in one beer?

12 ounces

What year did terry Bradshaw do an add for miller lite beer?

In 1997 he did a commercial for the Miller Lite inflatable chair.

Where can you buy the man's swimming briefs from the miller lite commercial the speedo that's in style but not in this country not a suit with Miller Lite logos on it?

at the miller store