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69g of sugar are in every 20oz bottle of Diet Coke

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Q: How much sugar is in a 20oz bottle of Diet Coke?
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How is Coke Zero different from Diet Coke?

there is no sugar in coke zero, but in diet coke there is only less sugar than in normal coke

Does Diet Coke have more sugar than original coke?

Diet coke has little or no sugar in it. Sugar is a form of energy and so would not be added to diet coke. Diet coke is pretty much carbonated water and addatives and contains only a couple of calories.

Which is better Diet Coke or coke what ingredients does Diet Coke have and coke has?

diet coke doesn't have any calories so that means that there is no sugar in it which gives it the diet taste, so coke has sugar. so dose coke zero!

Why does a coke sink and a Diet Coke float?

Because a regular coke is more dense and has more sugar. A diet coke has more sugar

How much sugar does Diet Coke and coke have?

I found out that there is the following amount of sugar in coke and diet coke: Diet Coke - 0.0 grams (g) Coke - 10.6 grams (g)

What types of sugar does coke and Diet Coke have?

Diet coke has no sugar, only sweetners. I don't know about normal coke, since I don't drink it!

What acids are there in Diet Coke?

diet coke has acid in it just less than coke diet coke does not have sugar either which coke and coke zero has

Why are coca cola and Diet Coke different?

Coca Cola has sugar in but Diet Coke is Sugar free!

Why does Diet Coke float and regular coke sink?

It is because diet coke has less sugar and density, but the original coke has tons of sugar and more density.

How much sugar is in coke and Diet Coke?

About 33 grams in coke which is roughly a third of our daily allowance if you go by these. And no sugar in diet coke but i think there is a lot of sweetener in the diet drinks.

How much sugar is in a can of Diet Coke?

Diet Coke uses artificial sweeteners.

What are the differences between coke and Diet Coke?

Coke has more sugar

Does Diet Coke have the same amount of acid that coke has?

Probably not; diet coke is much healthier than coke. diet coke is actually not better than normal coke as the acids in diet coke make you want more sugar and makes you want more sugar and food so it makes you binge out on mainly sugar filled foods. so if you are dieting i would recommend you drink neither.

What ingedents does Diet Coke have?

Diet coke has aspartame in, sometimes sucralose and saccharin (all sugar substitutes-sweeteners). Coke may have a lot of sugar but it's a lot better then diet coke, or any diet drinks containing sweeteners.

Which one will explode Diet Coke and mentos or Diet Coke and poprocks?

Just take a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, pop a few Mentos in, and run.

What soda has more sugar than Diet Coke?

Since Diet Coke has NO sugar, any other soda has more sugar than it does, so long as it's a soda and not a diet drink.

How do you switch to Diet Coke?

You don't, diet anything is giving you a sugar replacement which is bad for you, Did you know your liver lives off of sugar and water, drinking diet coke is actually worse for you and your teeth and gums, just stick with coke, coke zero is fine it still has real sugar in it

Will Diet Coke float or coke float?

diet coke will float because it has less density then regular coke because it has more sugar and less chemicals and vice versa for the diet coke.

Why is coke more dense then Diet Coke?

It has more sugar

How many grams of sugar are in a Diet Coke?

There are zero grams of sugar in a diet Coke. It is sweetened with an alternative substance, aspartame.

What causes Diet Coke to expand more than regular coke when frozen?

Diet coke contains no sugar, and sugar is what keeps regular coke from freezing. So basically diet coke freezes it expands, and regular coke just gets slushy in most home freezers. takes much colder temps. to freeze things with a lot of sugar like regular coke...

Where the expiration date on bottle diet coke?


Does dit coke have more sugar in it than regular pop?

If you mean Diet Coke, no. It has no sugar.

What is the difference between coke and Diet Coke?

Ole has more sugar

Does regular coke have more sugar than Diet Coke?