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The sun atÊSaturn Planet appears to be only one 90th as bright as it does from earth since its orbit is out at 9.5 A.U and the inverse square law.

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How much colder is Saturn compared to earth?

How much colder is saturn compared to earth?

What is the diameter of Saturn compared to the diameter of Earth?

Saturn is one of the gassy planets and is huge compared to the size of Earth. Saturn has a diameter of 120,536km much bigger than Earth. Earth, however only has a diameter of 12,756km. If you were smart enough you would work out Saturn is 9.45 x Earth.

How much would a human weigh on Saturn compared to Earth?

If you weighed 100lb on Earth, you would only weigh 106.4lb on Saturn.

What is Saturn size compared to earth?

The gas giant, Saturn, is much larger than the Earth, having about 9.4 times the surface area of the Earth. Saturn-120,034 km Earth-12,756 km

Why is Saturn so cold?

i have a quiz for class i need help whay is satren so cold

How much bigger is Saturn compared to earth?

Saturn is about 9.41 times larger than Earth. You could fit 833 Earths inside Saturn See link for planet comparison.

How much light does Venus get from the sun compared to Earth?

venus has much light because it is closer to the sun

How much sunlight does Saturn get compared to earth?

Since its orbit is out at 9.5 AU, and the inverse square law, the sun at Saturn appears to be only one 90th as bright as it does from Earth.

How much light is on Saturn?

There is light on Saturn when the sun shines on it.

What is Saturn's size compared with earth?

Saturn is much larger than the Earth. It has a radius about 9 times the size of the Earth's and its mass is more than 95 times that of the Earth.

Is Saturn smaller than Earth?

No, Saturn is much larger than Earth.

How much greater is the mass of Saturn compared with the mass of the earth?

The Answer:Saturns mass is about 95 times greater than earths mass.

Which rotates faster Saturn or earth?

Saturn rotates much faster than earth.

What type of sunlight does Saturn have?

Saturn does not generate its own star light, but instead reflects the light of our sun. At 9 AU, 1/9^2 as much solar energy reaches Saturn as Earth. That is a little more than 1%.

How much smaller is Saturn than the earth?

Saturn is 9.4 times LARGER than the earth

How much light does Saturn have?


What are some differences between earth and saturn?

saturn is much bigger than earth. earth has people living on it and saturn doesn't. saturn is made up of hydrogen and helium. earth is made up of oxygen and nitrogen

What is the Gravity like on Saturn?

Gavity on Saturn is 1.15 times as much as Earth.

How much larger is Saturn than Earth?

Saturn is approximately 9.41 times larger than Earth.You could fit about 833 Earths inside Saturn

How much time does it take for Saturn to orbit the earth?

Saturn does NOT orbit the Earth ! It orbits the SUN every 29.5 years.

How many times stronger is Saturn's gravity compared to Earth's gravity?

not much stronger at all. if you weigh 100 pounds on earth, you will weigh 106.4 pounds on saturn.

Is the Earth bigger than Saturn?

No. Saturn is much larger than Earth. The equatorial diameter of Saturn is 120,536 km,about 9.5 times bigger than Earth's. The surface area of Saturn is 83 times the area of Earth. The volume is 764 times the volume of Earth. The mass of Saturn is 95 times the mass of the Earth.

Im 100lbs on earth how much would you weigh on Saturn?

You would weigh 106.4 pounds on Saturn if you weighed 100lbs on earth

How much farther from the sun is planet Saturn than planet earth?

Saturn is nearly 10 AU from the sun. (Earth is 1).

How much sun light does Saturn get a day?

a lot