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The rainforest gets about 12 hours per day of sunlight.

2011-06-08 20:11:42
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Q: How much sunlight does the tropical rainforest get?
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What is the amount of sunlight in the tropical rainforest?


Effects of climate on the tropical rainforest?

Affects on the climate on the tropical rainforest could be annual rainfall, so how much it rains. Also the amount of sunlight available to the rainforest. Seeing that there are many trees in the tropical rainforest, as well as many other rainforests there is not that much sunlight available. The tropical rainforest is very dry and warm. There may be volcanoes around some rainforests like the one in Costa Rica has a volcanoe over looking it. Hope this helps(:

Why do plants survive in the tropical rainforest?

There is a lot of rain and sunlight.

What is Abiotic in the tropical rainforest?

water, sunlight, minerals, oxygen

Limiting factors of life on the floor of a tropical rainforest?

precipitation and sunlight

Which layer in the tropical rainforest receives the most sunlight?


How much light gets to the understory of a tropical rainforest's?

The liitle amount of sunlight gets to the understorey of a tropical rainforest and the forest floor gets the slightest amount of light

Abiotic features in a tropical rainforest?

Abiotic factors in a rainforest have water, a warm climate, sunlight, and soil nutrients.

Does marijuana grow in the tropical rainforest?

No. The marijuana plant needs much sunlight and very sparse amounts of water in order to thrive!

What are 3 abiotic factors of the rainforest and why?

there are so much abiotic elements in the tropical rainforest i will list all of them 1soil 2temperature 3is sunlight i will not saw all of them because that is to much my name is amanda springfield

How much sunlight filters down to the rainforest floor?

1% of the sunlight reaches the floor of the rainforest.

Why is the tropical rainforest wet?

It rains so much in the rainforest

Which biome is so abundant and thick that almost no sunlight reaches the soil?

tropical rainforest

What are the major biotic factors an the tropical rainforest?

Biotic factors in the tropical rainforest are bamboo, ferns, sloths, lemurs, and insects. Abiotic factors include the temperature, sunlight, and climate in the area.

How much water is in the tropical rainforest?

how much water is there in the tropical rain forest

What type of rainforest is the Amazon rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest is a tropical rainforest.

What are 5 non linving things in a tropical rainforest?

rocks, water, air, sunlight, soil

Is the amazon rainforest a tropical or temperate rainforest?

The Amazon Rainforest is a Tropical Rainforest

What is the geography of the tropical rainforest?

The answer of the tropical rainforest is ....

How much sunlight does Amazon rainforest?

to mouch

Is the daintree a tropical or temperate rainforest?

the daintree rainforest is a tropical rainforest

How much rainfall does tropical rainforest have?

A tropical rainforests has 30 gays a year

How much wind does a tropical rainforest have?

Probably not very much.

How much sunlight does the tropical rain forest get?

very little sunlight

How did the tropical rainforest get its name from?

how did tropical rainforest get its name ?