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Q: How much time do state legislators spend in session compared to 100 years ago?
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What do state legislators do when they are not in session?

Bcs state legislative sessions run only a few months, its like a part-time.

The Founding Fathers intended for State legislators to be what?

citizen legislators

What is the base salary for Texas State Senator?

State legislators are paid meager salaries. Senators and representatives alike earn only $7,200 per year, or $14,400 for a two-year legislative period. Some may consider this salary generous, since after all legislators work only for 140 days over two years. However, this salary equals just slightly over $100 per day. Even if our legislators worked only eight hours per day, this would equal only $12.86 per hour for the people who make our state laws and conduct oversight of executive branch offices. The truth is that legislators work for many days leading up to the legislative session, and then work very long hours, seven days a week, once the session begins. Furthermore, legislators spend a lot of time campaigning for office and subsequently servicing constituents. This reduces hourly compensation to well below minimum wage. For more information, visit the University of Texas at the Related Link.

What is the usual term for State Legislators?

The usual term for State legislators is to serve either two-years or four-years.

What is the salary for an Iowa state senator?

In 2007, an Iowa State Senator made $25,000/year. Most state legislators have full-time jobs in addition to their legislative duties, as they generally are not in session for long periods. Most are professionals who can afford to take time away from work.

Does the Missouri constitution determine the salaries of legislators?

The Constitution of the state of Missouri does not state a specific amount for the legislators to be paid. It does outline the process by which they will be paid.

Who passes state wide laws?

State legislators and governors

South Carolina state house of representative's salary?

During legislative sessions, a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives makes a salary of $10,400. In addition, they earn a per diem for meals and lodging for active session and meeting days.

What gender are most state legislators?


How many presidents were state legislators?


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Is the louisiana senate part of the state legislators?