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90 years

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Q: How much time is spent in a lifetime watching commercials?
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How much money is spent on fitness?

In a lifetime, about $112,000

How much time is spent commuting in a lifetime?

Varies drastically.

How much time is spent laughing on average in a lifetime?

Over 17 years

How much time does the average American spend watching tv in a lifetime?

9 years

How much time do people waste watching commercials?

For the average 30 minute show there is about 8 minutes of commercials, and about 16 minutes for an hour show. So a person can use those numbers to figure out how much time they're spending on commercials.

How much money do smokers spent in a lifetime?

the average smoker gets 2 penis's a year!

How much money is spent seeing female basketball players than male basketball players?

The women's league play fewer games and have smaller crowds than the men do. Very much money money is spent on watching the men play than is spent on watching the women play.

How many commercials does a kid sees a year?

most kids see more than 5,000 commercials a year as the spend way to much time watching cartoons or even things on you-tube

How much time is spent eating in a life time?

On average, a person will spend about five years of their lifetime eating.

How much money is spent to take care of a dog?

About 25,000 in a whole lifetime of a westieMore like 30 for a golden retriever

How much money per year does Sony spend on promotion?

Sony spent US$1.041 billion on advertising in 2012, according to an article from Business Insider. Of this money, US$564 was spent on television commercials.

How much has Sir Alex Ferguson spent at Manchester United on players?

I was watching Sky Sports News and it said around £460m

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