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paper does not regenerate

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Q: How much time is taken by paper to regenerate?
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Can hermit crabs regenerate arms?

Yes, hermit crabs can regenerate arms and legs. They do this by molting, much in the way that snakes do when they shed. From there, their legs can regrow and regenerate themselves over time.

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Did the master regenerate?

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How does a computer regenerate?

A computer does not regenerate in the typical sense of the word, but it does re-use memory. This makes the computer seem to regenerate space. A computer can also reset back to a previous period in time which helps it to regenerate to a period before it was damaged.

Do buildings regenerate if they get damaged in Roblox?

they will only regenerate if they were scripted to do that. More commonly they will regenerate after a certain time (i.e. 300 seconds (5 minutes)) although there are other ways of doing this!

When does the Tenth Doctor regenerate?

In the movie, The End Of Time.

How many times can a Timelord regenerate?

A Timelord can regenerate 12 times and have 13 bodies, the 13th time instead of regenerating he is supposed to die.

How much time does a paper take to biodegrade?


What does regenerate hearts mean in Lego Star Wars the complete saga?

Regenerate hearts means every time you lose a heart,it regenerates in a couple of seconds.

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Because it was time for him to go he didn't want to be the doctor anymore and that's why they regenerate so that they can go from actor to actor without it being obvious