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Removes water and waste from blood to bladder?

The kidneys remove water and waste from blood, turning them into urine. The urine is then sent to the bladder for storage before excretion.

What happens to blood in the kidney?

Waste and excess water is filtered out and sent to the bladder as urine.

What is the term for liquid waste sent out of the body when the bladder contracts?

Urine is the scientific term for liquid waste expelled by contraction of the urinary bladder.

Is a kidney or bladder infection contagious?

Kidney/Bladder both internal organs and NOT contagious. The patients urine etc is not toxic to affect others as these discharge is sent to toilets

How is urine produced in the human male?

Urine is produced the same way in both males and females. It is a filtrate of the blood. The kidneys filter waste out of the blood, this waste is then sent to the bladder, and this waste is urine. From the bladder it moves through the urethra and is then voided. A man's urethra is considerably longer than a woman's, and a man's urethra terminates at the head of the penis.

What is in poop?

Solid matter and nutrients that the body cannot and didn't process. Most liquid is extracted from the fecal matter in the large intestine, and is sent to the bladder to be expelled as urine.

What path does urine takes to exit the body starting in the kidney?

From the kidney down the ureter (for a male: through the prostate) to the bladder where it is stored until sent out through the urethra/penis.

How much water can a kidney hold?

Kidneys do not hold water. Your kidneys are designed to filter your blood and remove impurities. The resulting product of the filtering process is called urine. The urine is then sent to the bladder via the ureters where it is held until you get the urge to void (pee). The amount a bladder can hold varies depending on the person and the size of the bladder. Generally, no more than about 1000cc ( the amount of a 32oz big gulp). Holding your urine, whether on purpose or due to a medial condition beyond this amount is unhealthy, and can back up into the kidneys causing a medical condition called hydronephrosis and/or nephritis ( over-distention of the kidneys, kidney infection).

How does a bladder work?

Well the bladder of course is a reservoir, it's a storage vehicle for urine. Its primary function is to keep the urine in a place that is water tight without letting the urea and the waste products be reabsorbed into the body until the individual can find time to empty the bladder. A whole sequence of events occurs when the bladder has filled and a signal is sent to the brain that there's been filling. Basically, the urethra has a sphincter muscle within it; one in women, and two in men--the second one being within the prostrate gland. So the first step is that the brain has signalled that the bladder's full, and the urethra, or urethras, will then relax, and allow opening of the channel, then the bladder will contract, thus expelling urine from the body.

What produces urine and helps regulate body fluids?

The Urinary System or Respiratory System is what controls body waste. Your kidneys produce urine. Then the urine is sent to the bladder to be stored until it is eliminated from the body:) hope that answered your question if you neeed to know more google Urinary System or Respiratory System or go to wikipedia and find out more:)

How much unfiltered blood enters the kidney per minute?

In an otherwise healthy person with no cardiac problems, 100-120 cc's/mLs of unfiltered blood enter each kidney and are filtered at the glomerulus per minute. 99% of this is reabsorbed in the tubules, and thus only about .5cc is sent to the bladder per minute. Thus it is true that the average person forms 30cc urine per hour.

Where is the urea removed from the blood?

Urea is removed in the kidneys and sent to the bladder.

Why does the kidney have to be filtered?

The kidney does not get filtered. It does the filtering of the blood that passes through it. It removes impurities from the blood, and filters these impurities to the urinary bladder. The filtered blood is sent back into the body to be recirculated. And the impurities are expelled from the body in the urine.

Do the human bladder empty through the kidney?

No. Waste is filtered out of the blood by the kidneys. The liquid waste is then sent to the bladder to be emptied through the urethra.

A signal that the bladder is full is sent to the central nervous system by?

Sensory Neurons

Does the gallbladder filter toxic substances?

The liver filters out toxic substances from the bloodstream. But tucked in against the liver is the much smaller gall bladder. The gall bladder makes and stores bile, which is sent to the digestive system to aid digestion of fats.

How much does pay as you use texting cost with Verizon?

20 cents for each text sent or receive or 25 cents for each picture or video message sent or receive.

Emptying the bladder is controlled by the?

The micturition reflex tells you when you need to empty your bladder. This happens on average four to eight times a day. The reflex is controlled by your central nervous system. When your bladder is about half full, the stretch receptors in the walls of your bladder become active and send signals along your pelvic nerves to your spinal cord. A reflex signal is sent back to your bladder, which makes the detrusor muscle in the bladder wall contract. The contraction increases the pressure in your bladder, and this is what makes you want to pass urine. Because the external sphincter is under voluntary control, you don't urinate until you decide to relax this muscle. simple answer would be this; Sphincter muscle that surrounds the urethra.

Where do the kidneys send the waste?

After the kidney filters the waste, it is sent to the ureter, and then stored in the urinary bladder. When you urinate it leaves the bladder via the urethra and exits the body.

Can you pass a drug test and be clean if you took cocaine a month ago?

Urine - yes - you will pass.Hair follicle - depends on how MUCH coke you did a month ago.Diluted urine sent to a lab - you're screwed. You will be considered guilty.

How do you get the sent of a woman off your penis and out of your urine?

scrub it really hard and eat healthy food... you shouldnt be smelling your urine anyway...

How do you make a bladder infection go away?

Urinary tract infections are more common in women. This is because the woman's urethra (the passage that takes urine to the outside of the body) is much shorter; meaning the bacteria doesn't have to travel as far to effect the bladder. It is characterised by burning or stinging pain when urinating, fever, sometimes blood stained urine and generally feeling unwell. It is very important that you see a Doctor as soon as possible. You will be asked to provide a sample of urine which will be sent to pathology to determine the type of infection you have and the best medicine to treat the infection. Drinking plenty of fluids and cranberry juice is helpful to reduce the symptoms such as burning and stinging when urine is passed. It is important to find out the cause of the infection. Your Doctor will be able to treat the infection and give you advice on how to prevent further infections.

Can they find out if you've tried to cover up your Urine Test?

If it is sent to a lab - DEFINITELY!!!!

Would an infected urine sample sent for culture be automatically be tested for drugs?


What is the name for people who test urine?

People who test urine are called "lab technicians." Urine is sent to medical labs, where it's tested by people who also run tests ordered by doctors to diagnose diseases.

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