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How mutch vitamin c does fresh Orange Juice have

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Q: How much vitamin C does fresh squeezed orange juice have?
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What type of orange juice has the most vitamin c fresh or squeezed?


Does fresh squeezed orange juice canned orange juice or bottled orange juice contain more vitamin c?

Hi I also wanted to know this. Found this answer on the net. Fresh is the way to go. "Orange juice is frequently bought as a frozen concentrate. Frozen, reconstituted orange juice has 78% and canned orange juice has 69% of the vitamin C found in fresh squeezed orange juice. Vitamin C is destroyed during the condensing process, but canning is even harder on vitamin C. It appears that fresh squeezed orange juice is better than either frozen concentrate or canned..." Source:

How long will fresh squeezed orange juice retain its vitamin content?

I was told 7 mins by a pharmacist friend.

How do you preserve fresh squeezed orange juice?

You can preserve fresh squeezed orange juice by keeping it in the fridge, and it will stay good for about 3-5 weeks.

Can you freeze fresh squeezed grapefruit juice?

We freeze fresh squeezed orange juice all the time. I suspect grapefruit juice is the same.

Is fresh-squeezed orange juice a mixture?

no its crapy

Is fresh squeezed orange juice a solution?


What is the best type of orange to use for fresh squeezed orange juice?

AnswerFlorida Valencia oranges make excellent freshly squeezed orange juice.

Which orange juice has the most vitamin C homemade premium frozen?

home squeezed orange juice

How do you freeze fresh squeezed orange juice?

To freeze fresh squeezed orange juice, pour the juice into a sturdy freezer container with a lid. Leave some room at the top. Put it into the freezer. To thaw the juice, put it in the refrigerator.

What brand of orange juice has the most vitamin c?

well, i think fre$h squeezed orange juice has the most vitamin c because it is pure and it has no chemicals what so ever. so i think squeezed orange juice has the most vitamin c than the store bought brand.

What acid do you put on pancakes?

Fresh squeezed lemon or orange juice.

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