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If you mean the water-and-compressed-air powered toy rockets, they generally work best when filled about halfway... but don't take my word for it, try different water levels and see!

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Q: How much water do you put in the bottle rocket?
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What is the right amount of water to put in a bottle rocket so it will go high?

the right amount of water to put in a bottle rocket so it will fly high is 70 milliliters

What do you put inside a bottle rocket to make it fly?

alkaselser and water

How much water do you put in a 2L bottle rocket?

2l of water plus some ground up orange rinds to boost the takeoff

What is the procedures for a water rocket?

take 2 l. bottle cut the bottom of a bottle off put the 2 bottles together take a piece of balsa wood and make the wings fill the bottom part of the water rocket with paper put the wings on the bottle rocket cut a circular cup in half put a tennis ball on the cup

Water in a bottle rocket?

get a 2 litre bottle put a cone on top get a lancher then pump it up and BLAST OFF!!!!!

Where do you put the weight on a pop bottle rocket?

inside the rocket

Why do you put water in bottle rockets?

A 2-liter bottle will be required, as a 20-ounce is too small. Remove the label and take the cap off, but save this cap. take a pen apart and saw the barrel of the pen in half. Outline the size of the barrel on the top of the cap. Drill a hole this size into the cap. Using cardboard paper, construct 3 or 4 fins for the ship. A foam football cut in half can make the nosecone of the rocket, but a piece of paper can substitute. Once the nosecone and fins are attached, put the pen barrel in the bottlecap, and attach a bike-pump to the pen barrel. Fill the rocket with water, put the cap on, and pump air into the rocket until it blasts off.

How do you make a Water Rocket?

you put some water in the bottom of your rocket/bottle and get a bicycle pump keep pumping air in to the rocket sets off and make sure you watch your face they can be highly dangerous! hope this helps

How much water should you put in a 2 liter bottle rocket?

1/3 gallon or 1/2 a galoonyou need to add 1/4 water to the water rocket. you put a vitamin C into the water and vitamin c will dissolve and fly into the air.

Why must you put water in your bottle rocket?

because if you don't, the bottle could tip over and fly into a house or it could hit you or other people. If you don't know that, you shouldn't be playing with fireworks...

How do you make a bottle rocket with explosion at the end?

put a cherry bomb in it and time it.

How do you make a water boosted rocket?

Take a 2.5l bottle of pepsi and then add 10 mentos peaces.... and then close the cap and put it upside down.............