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How much water does a 27 ft round 4 ft deep pool hold?

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2015-07-16 19:23:04
2015-07-16 19:23:04

Use formula for volume of cylinder, V=pi x radius squared x depth. Where Pi=3.14, radius= 13.5 feet,and depth= 4 feet. The answer will be in cubic feet. I calculate it to be 2299.06 cubic feet but I'm half asleep. Use various conversion factors to get other volume measures.

For a round above ground pool, the calculation is:

Diameter x Diameter x Depth X 5.9 = Number of Gallons

Please note that the depth is the ACTUAL water depth NOT the height of the pool wall (the water is usually around 6 inchs lower than the wall height).

For your example:

For a 27-foot round pool with a actual water depth of 3.5 ft: 27x27x3.5x5.9 = 15,054 or around 15,000 gallons.

Hope this helps ...

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