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Enough water for the soil to be moist six inches down and out to at least the drip line is how much water that queen palm trees [Syagrus romanzoffiana] need. It's important to water before 10 a.m. or after 5 p.m., which is the range outside of the high evaporative rates possible in the full sun that the plant enjoys.

A watering schedule for a recently planted tree may be two or three times a week, depending upon the dryness or wetness of the climate. It may be every 10-14 days once the tree is established.

A soil check can be done along with a visual check. Just put a soil probe or sharp object such as a strong writing instrument, screwdriver or ruler into the soil. The plant is being overwatered if the object comes out muddy. It's being underwatered if the object comes out clean as a whistle. It's appropriately moist if the object is freckled or speckled by soil particles.

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How often do you need to water a queen palm tree?

whenever its thirsty

How much does a thirty foot queen palm tree weigh?

how much does a thirty foot queen palm cost

How much water does indoor palm plant need?

Well plants need about 3cm of water evey 3 days. Be sure not to over water the plant and they need alot of sun.

Too much watering queen palm tree will make roots rotten?

Yes, it will. remember that Queen Palms are meant to be a tropical plant and are used to not having copious amounts of water

What conditions do palm trees need to grow in?

they need water!

What if a dog eats a queen palm seed?

Queen Palm seed are not toxic to dogs. They can, however be a choking hazard. Take care not to confuse the foxtail palm with a queen palm. The two are very similar in looks, but the foxtail palm seeds are deadly to dogs.

Are palm oil and water miscible?

no they are not - they need an emulsfier to help them do that

Do palm trees need salt water?

No, palm trees do not need salt water.Specifically, palm trees are salt water tolerant. This makes it possible for them to live closer to the ocean than any other tree. But at the same time and as in the case of all trees, palms need fresh water in order to take in necessary nutrients.

What are the types of palm trees?

there are queen, Mexican and sage palm trees.

How much should you charge to remove 3 palm trees?

If you need to ask this question you should not be removing palm trees.

Are queen palm tree seeds poisonous to dogs?


Is the fruit from a queen palm tree edible?


Do animals eat the leaves on queen palm trees?


What is the fastest growing palm tree?

There are a few. The veitchia merilli (christmas tree palm) and its relatives are pretty fast growing. 1-3 feet a year. or the queen palm. it all matters how much sun you give the plant and fertilizer- Oliver

Why do sago palm leaves turn yellow?

Too much water. palm is from desert needs soil to be dry but not so dry the plant gets weak- if it has too much water put it out side to dry in sun or repot it

How tall do queen palm trees get and do they stop growing?


What is the scientific name of a queen palm tree?

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Is the fruit from a queen palm tree poisonous to a dog?


Are queen palm seeds poisonous to dogs?

Queen palm seeds are not poisonous to dogs, however, they can give a dog an upset stomach. Dogs also shouldn't be allowed to chew on the plants.

Queen palm care?

we've had alot of rain & the queen Emma palms leaves are turning "yellow"...What do I do?

What is the small apricot looking fruit on a palm tree called?

The most likely palm you are referring to is Butia capitata, or the pindo palm, also known as the jelly palm. It is usually short and stocky with yellow roundish fruit. Do not confuse it with the Queen Palm which is far taller and skinnier and has oval-shaped orangish fruit when ripe. The fruit of the Butia is edible, the fruit of the Queen palm is not. There is a video on the internet about this palm, type in eattheweeds episode 31

Do palm trees grow in Portland OR?

Yes. heres a list that does grow in Portland, OR : 1. California Fan Palm 2. Mexican Fan Palm 3. sabal palm 4. windmill palm 5. european fan palm 6. queen palm 7. Washingtonia Filibusta

How does the travelers palm tree hold water?

Because Jesus walked on water and Jesus' donkey walked on coats, but palm leaves too. That's why. I think I have read the bible or been to church to much for a child.

What is the botanical name for queen ann palm tree?

Syagrus romanzoffiana

Do queen palm trees have coconuts?

no, although they have a similar resemblance, the logical answer is no.

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