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That depends on how dirty and what car it is

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Q: How much water does it take to wash a car?
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Can you wash your car engine with water?

Yes, you can wash your car engine with water.

How much water is wasted at a car wash?

It nearly 10 liters of water is wasted

Gallons of water to wash a car?

A 6 minute car wash and rinse will use up to 60 gallons of water, you should try steam cleaning its much more water efficient.

Is it alright to take a convertible through a car wash?

It is not advisable to take a soft-top car through a car-wash. The water pressure used to blast dirt from the car and the suction used to remove water from the body's surface are extreme and likely to damage the fabric, stitching or seal.

How many gallons does the average car take to wash it?

As many as 140 gallons of water can be used when washing a car at home. The actual amount may vary depending on the length of the car wash.

How much Exit space is needed in tunnel car wash?

What car wash theres no car wash on space

How much shoud you charge to wash a car?

It depends on how much of a wash you are doing and how long it will take, I think you should provide several choices of wash and charge according to the wash needed. I clean cars and sometimes one car takes a whole day (Inside and out)

How do you keep your car windows and car finish from water spotting when you wash and dry the car?

how is to dry it in the car wash is the answer.

How much does it cost to get a car wash from a mobile car wash?

$30 and up

How long does taking your Vehicle to a Car Wash usually take it to get it Clean?

In an automatic car wash, where you just drive through, it takes about 4 minutes. -I prefer the kind where you park and get out and wash it yourself. This can take 10-12 minutes but is a much better job.

Is it cheeper to wash your car or take it to a car wash?

It takes about twice the amount of time to hand wash your car. It costs about 20% less to hand wash your car. So it's cheaper to hand wash your car but takes more time. Your answer will be dependent on how much your time is worth. *considering the upkeep that comes with buy a car, taking your car to a car wash business will me much more cheaper (especially if you take it to a business that specialized in hand washing the car)... I say this because when you wash a car at home you loose time and you have to buy(&test) a multitude of cleaning products like interior cleaner, exterior cleaner, car shampoo, Tyre cleaner, stain removers, wash mitts and a lot of other stuff, considering one buys all these and does a DIY it will be more expensive to do it your self the have a professional do it, of course if you are able to find a business that uses steam cleaning to clean you car it will be much cheaper! hope this makes sense :)

How many gallons of water is wasted washing a car?

You can wash a car with as little as 1 gallon when you wash by takes 58.7 liters to wash a car by hand, and 25.4 when u go thru a car wash.