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On average 109,980 m3 (3,885,000 cu ft) pour over Niagara falls per hour.

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Q: How much water flows over niagara falls in an hour?
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How much water falls on average at Niagara Falls in an hour?

About three hundred sixty million cubic feet of water falls at Niagara Falls every hour. Niagara Falls is located between the State of New York, USA, and Ontario, Canada.

How much water flows over Niagara falls in one hour?

I don't really know how much goes over but I wanna find out.

What are facts about Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls is made up of different waterfalls; the Canadian horseshoe, the American falls, and the bridal vell falls.Niagara falls is the second largest waterfall in the world.The water that flows over Niagara falls is from four of five different, fresh water, lakes.Originally, over 5,000,000,000 gallons of water (approximately two trillion liters) per hour flowed over the edge of Niagara Falls.the most famous and popular people go is the Niagara falls

How many gallons of water flow over niagara falls in a hour?

600,000 Gallons a second

Is Niagara Falls in Montreal Canada?

Nope. Niagara Falls are in the city of Niagara Falls, Ontario. It's about an hour drive of Toronto, Ontario. And about a 6 hours drive from Montreal, Quebec.

How much water falls over Niagara Falls within an hour?

The U.S. falls 540 000 000 U.S. Gallons per hourThe Canadian (Horseshoe falls) 2 160 000 000 U.S. gallons per hour

How long of a drive from Edmonton Alberta to Niagara Falls?

It Is a 38 Hour Drive

Is barrie Ontario near niagara falls?

1 hour and a half DRIVING

How time from Niagara falls to Montreal?

About a 5-6 hour drive. Hope this helped(:

How far is YYZ from Niagara Falls?

Niagara falls is about 78.4 miles, or 126 km, from Toronto Pearson International Airport. It takes about 1 hour and 16 minutes by car or bus.

How far is Toronto Canada from Niagara Falls NY?

It really depends where you're going from in Toronto, but from Toronto to Niagara Falls is about 1 hour and 27 minutes (without the stop at the border)

What is the distance between Niagara Falls ON and Montreal QC?

It would take about 1 hour to fly from Niagara Falls, Canada to Montreal, Canada. There is approximately 318 miles between the two locations.

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