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It depends on the type of wood it is as well as the condition of it. The amount it could hold varies.

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What is the answer for 2x6?


How much weight can a 2x8x10' support?

not much

how much weight can the bench support?

There is no specific amount of weight that each weight plate can support, however they can only hold up to 10.

How much weight will a .125 inch wood screw support?

it can hold as much weight as it can handle

How much weight can a two by four support?

A two by four can support a load up to 400 pounds. The length of a two by four will change the weight it can support.

How much weight can your balls support?

14lbs. try it.

How do you calculate the weight that a closed cylinder will support when suspended in water?

The cylinder will support, at neutral buoyancy, as much weight as the weight of water it could contain, less the weight of the cylinder itself.

How much weight can a curtain rod support?

The amount of weight a curtain rod can support depends on how many support brackets are helping support it. The more supports, the more weight. If there are no supports a typical rod can hold 20-30 lbs.

How much weight can the knee joint withstand?

As such any joint can not withstand much weight. It is the support of strong muscles, which make the joint to withstand much higher weight.

how much weight can it support?

The is dual sided and can hold 10 fixed barbells or fixed curl bars. It can support 420 lbs of weight.

How much weight can 3000 psi support?

The force of a truck.

How much weight can steel scaffolding support?

2 tonnes

How much weight can be safely placed on the cart?

This cart can support a maximum weight of 100 pounds.

How much does a 20ft 2X6 weigh?

A 2X6 (dry Douglas fir) weighs 2lbs per foot. Thus a 20ft 2X6 would weigh 40 lbs. Other types of lumber such as pine weighs more and all lumber is heaver when wet or if it has been treated.

How much weight does a 6x6 post support vertically?

Hundreds of pounds

How much weight will a 140 liter surfboard will support?

425 kilo

How much weight can a Welso Inversion Flex System support?

This is an anti-gravity table. I would like to know how much weight it will hold.

How do you write 8x8 in index form?


Can a 2x6 support a engine hoist if its coming off the main truss joint going 10 feet off to the side wall?


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We can lose as much of weight as we want. But we need 100% fasting support to do that. There should be a fasting coach who can guide you through. There are many books and websites which also give online support.

What is 2x6?

ok well, tell me more

How much weight can your floor support?

650 pounds is the safest maximum load

How much weight can a 6 sch 40 pipe support?

500 kilos

How much weight will a 2 inch thick sidewalk support?

depends what its made of

Do grapes help to lose the weight?

no not that much but it will support body while dieting

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