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-4000 pound yes negative

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Q: How much weight can the typical crane hold?
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How much weight does a typical outdoor hammock hold?

A standard outdoor hammock that one can purchase from the store can hold up to approximately five hundred pounds in weight as long as the supports are steady and firm to hold such weight.

How much volume does a typical dump truck hold?

The volume that a dump truck can hold depends on the size of the truck. You could say that there is no 'typical' dump truck. The horsepower, the axle weight, and the size of the box are a few of the features that determine how much the truck can hold and haul.

How much can the average truck crane carry?

The average weight a truck cane can carry depends on the individual crane, the type of crane and the load. The average weight a truck crane is 13000 pounds.

How much tones can tower crane hold?

*many tonnes

How much does a sand hill crane weight?

11 lbs. (pounds)

How much weight can scotch tape hold?

it can't hold very much weight

How much weight can a curtain rod support?

The amount of weight a curtain rod can support depends on how many support brackets are helping support it. The more supports, the more weight. If there are no supports a typical rod can hold 20-30 lbs.

How much weight does the shamwow hold?

20 times its weight in liquid

How much weight can a moose hold?


How much weight will a .125 inch wood screw support?

it can hold as much weight as it can handle

True or false a typical USB flash drive can hold nearly as much data as a typical hard drive?


How much weight can aluminum hold?

There is effectively no limit to the amount of weight that aluminum can hold, if you use enough aluminum.