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How much will a Game Boy cost in India?

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They do not sell Game Boy Colors anymore, so the cost would depend on where you buy it, and what condition it is in.

I'm not really sure how much it cost at first.

game boy you can get at game stop for $1.00

You can get a used one for 70$

The original gameboy cost 189.95 when it was released

The original Game Boy games were expensive. They ranged from 19.99 to about $40. The original Game Boys were about $40.00.

Probably around 60-100 dollars.

well it all depends on the condition of the "game boy", I got mine for $20 because it was a limited edition game boy, it all depends on the condition and the edition of it. A good place to get a good low price game boy is "games n'go".

The cost of a gameboy game depends on how popular the game is, for example "avatar" might cost $25.00, as "need for speed most wanted" may cost $11.00, all because "avatar" was either the newest, or most bought

The Game Boy Advance SP was released in 2003. You are thinking of Game & Watch. The price varies so greatly my advice is check eBay.

some of them cost like forty pounds, but i wouldn't recomend buying one becuase they r quite boring

new-20 or less used-less then 15 .........................................maby

That is impossible, since Game Boy Advanced came out after Game Boy, also, the Game Boy Advanced game cards are much shorter (about half the size).

New GBA chargers cost roughly $40, but may cost more or less depending on where you shop.

the dsi cousts a little under $170 if u have a ds or a game boy you can trade them in at game stop. the game boy is $20 off and da ds iz $70. The console was about £150 or less , but the games are about £30.00

No they no longer make Game Boy advance with the creation and cost of the DS.

The ds action reply is around 20 dollars. And so is the gameboy advance one.

You can find a discounted battery for around $20 for the Game Boy Advance

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You can find used batteries starting at ten and new ones at 20.

Tetris was addictive back in the day but as to what the best Game Boy game is? This is very much down to personal preference.

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