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estamatedly about 175,000

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Q: How much will a mechanical engineer earn with a masters degree earn?
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How much money does a mechanical engineer earn in the Ireland?

depends on experience, relevant education, and the industry. On the low end, straight out of school and with no experience, about €52,000 to €60,000, depending on industry (an automotive design engineer does not make as much as an aerospace or robotics design engineer does, for example). With education and some experience, that can be as high as €75,000, again, depending on industry. With plenty of experience or a position in management, that can be anywhere between €90,000 and €120,000, regardless of industry. Most likely, the average yearly salary for a mechanical engineer in Ireland is somewhere in the lower €70k range.

What is salary of a mechanical engineer in UK?

Most engineers start on around £25k, this takes about 5 years. Having a BEE etc does not make you an engineer, you then need the experience. Until they have at least 10 years post-graduation experience.An average graduate Mechnical Engineer will earn around £1791p/mA senior engineer with 10/15 years experience: £3750.This figures are from the UK's official graduate site, and based on data collected in March 07.

How much money does a mechanical engineer earn?

Most make about 50,000 to 70,000 as beginners, but experienced and mid level engineers can make around 100,000 or around that mark. Very experienced or exceptionaly talented engineers can even make up to 250,000 a year.

Does a mechanical draftsman earn more than an architectural draftsman?

yes..there's more of a demand for mechanical draftsman due to the every day change in the mechanical industry.

Mechanical Engineer?

There are many different types of engineering jobs available in the work force. One type is mechanical engineering, which is a branch of engineering that is involved with taking advantage of natural sources of energy. Mechanical engineers design machines and tools that channel energy effectively. Most of them specialize in a certain type of equipment. Some mechanical engineers focus on pollution control; others work with refrigeration systems or automobile engines. While most mechanical engineers spend a lot of time working directly with machines, some of them are active in other areas. For instance, they may be college professors or work as consultants. Others are more involved with research and development or sales. About seventy-five percent of mechanical engineers work in the manufacturing industry. In order to become a mechanical engineer, it is usually necessary to get a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. Further education will improve one’s chances of a good job; many engineers go to school for master’s degrees after starting their careers in order to advance. Another way to expand one’s knowledge is to subscribe to trade journals and read them regularly. Depending on the area that one works in, there may be a need to acquire a license, which requires an engineering degree and four years of experience in the field. There is also a test that must be taken before the license is awarded. Those starting out in mechanical engineering with a bachelor’s degree make an average of about $50,000 a year, while those with a master’s degree usually earn closer to $60,000 when they start out. Mechanical engineers with doctorates can expect a salary of nearly $70,000. Benefits generally include insurance, retirement plans and paid vacations. Most mechanical engineers have a 40-hour work week, though the number of hours worked may be higher than that at times, especially if they are behind on a project. Some engineers work primarily indoors, while others are out on construction sites much of the time. They sometimes must deal with dangers like heavy equipment or hazardous materials, but work conditions are generally safe. For the mechanically minded, this is a good career path with plenty of opportunity for advancement.

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Are you pooping green?

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How much money does a mechanical engineer earn in UK?

1£ a year

How much money do a mechanical engineer earn in Nepal?

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How much does a mechanical engineer earn in one year?

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