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How much will it cost to run a 100 watt light bulb for 10 hours if electricity costs fourteen cents per kilowatt hour?


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(100 W) x (10 hours) = (1 Kilowatt-Hour) x (14¢/KWH) = 14¢

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It costs about 0.7 cents per kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity

Electricity is sold in kilowatt hours in typical residential settings. A range of costs is from about 10 to 15 cents per kw hr.

It depends what your voltage is and how much your electricity costs. Assuming you are running standard residential voltage and your electricity costs 10 cents per kilowatt-hour. 1 Amp would cost you 1 cent per hour or 29 cents per day or $105 per year.

Discussing the cost of a kilowatt is nonsensical. If you want to discuss the cost of a unit of electrical energy, Kilowatt-hour makes sense.

Conventionally generated electricity ranges between 5 and 18 cents per kilowatt hour (the amount of money to get a kilowatt of power for an hour) but in most places it's below 10 cents, according to the Energy Information Agency. Solar thermal costs around 15 to 17 cents a kilowatt hour, according to statistics from Schott, a German company that makes solar thermal equipment. Solar photovoltaics cost around 20-50 cents per kilowatt hour, according to Solarbuzz.

It differs from region to region and country to country. The cost is dependant on the method the electricity is generated. One of the lowest production costs is hydro electrical generation. I pay 8 cents a kilowatt hour.

A megajoule is 1/3.6 of a kilowatt-hour so it costs about $0.05.

Biomass fuel costs up to about 9 cents per Kilowatt hour.

To determine the average cost of electricity you have to take into account how the electricity is generated. The generating costs have to be added into the cost to the consumer. I receive electricity from one the least expensive type of electrical generation there is. My power comes from a hydro electric dam. I am being charged .07 cents a kilowatt hour.

It depends on how much your electricity costs.At 14 cents per kilowatt hour a 32 watt bulb (.032 kilowatts) for 24 hours, would be $.14 x .032kw x 24hr = 10.7 cents.

An electric vehicle can get an average of 5 miles per kilowatt-hours of electricity it uses. To figure out if purchase of an EV is practical, compare the cost savings of gas to electricity. If electricity per kwh costs 10 cents and total monthly mileage were 1,250 miles, the expense would be $25. If a gallon of gas gave 25 miles and a gallon costs $3.50, the expense is $175.

A simple electrical device is a 60 watt light bulb. The bulb is consuming 60 watts of electricity from the moment you turn it on. If you keep that light bulb on for 10 hours the power used is 60 watts x 10 hours = 600 watts of power. Electricity is sold in Kilowatt Hours. A Kilowatt is 1000 watts of power. Depending on the state you live in, it sells for 7 to 18 cents per Kilowatt Hour. So if you leave that light bulb on 10 hours per day for 30 days you will have used up 600 watts x 30 days = 18,000 watts of electricity = 18 Kilowatt Hours. At an average cost of 10 cents per Kilowatt Hour that bulb costs you $1.80 per month to leave on. The formula is watts x time x cost per Kilowatt Hour = cost of use...Answer provided by Gene Evangelist

1 kilowatt-hour is 1000 watt-hours and 60 watt bulb consume during 1 hour 60 watt-hours of electricity, so then it costs 0.6 cent =>60/1000=0,06*price of 1 kilowatt-hour = 0.6 cent

A 60-watt bulb uses 60 watt-hours or 0.06 kWh each hour, so the cost is 0.06 x 10 cents, 0.6 cents per hour.

Your term "hydro" is another term for kilowatt hours. So to answer your question a 4800 watt heater on for an hour would consume 4.8 kilowatt/hours. To take it further if you knew what you pay for a kilowatt hour in your area, multiply it by 4.8 and you could see how much it costs you to operate the heater. An example if you pay .11 cents a kilowatt hour, the price would be .528 or 53 cents an hour.

A kilowatt is 1,000 watts. A 60 watt bulb uses 60 watts in an hour. So, in half an hour it uses 30 watts. Now if a kilowatt costs 20 cents, what does 0.03 kilowatt cost?

The price of electricity is based on the production costs of generation. Some generation fuels consist of oil, coal, natural gas. Depending on the costs of these fuels relates directly to what you as a consumer will be charged. My electricity is supplied from a hydro electric dam which is one of the least expensive methods of production. I pay .07 cents a kilowatt hour. Added by JL-- Depends on the state that you live in... For example, in Texas in 2011, average rates were around 11 cents/kWh, but that also was dependent upon the contract length. I had a 6 month contract for about 8.5 cents/kWh. Source: U.S. Energy Information Administration

Depends of what you mean by electricity. The 350 Watts says for each hour you have the light on you consume 350 Watt Hours of electricity. This is how you are charged by the Electric Company. Depending on where you live you may pay about 12 cents per 1,000 Watt hours or 1 Kilowatt hour. So your bulb costs about 4 cents per hour in electricity. To compute the current you need to know the voltage. Watts = Current x Volts.

Your electricity bill can be one of the most irritating bills to pay each month because you never know exactly how much you will spend on it. The costs can also become difficult to deal with during the summer or winter months. This doesn't always have to be the case, however. It is possible for you to calculate your electricity bill, making it easier for you to anticipate what your costs will be each month. In order to find out how much you are charged, you can start by looking at your electric bill. It will tell you what your total cost was, and how many kilowatt hours you used. When you divide the total cost by the number of kilowatt hours, you will find out how many dollars you are charged per kilowatt hour. Using the kilowatt hours, you can determine exactly how much it costs you to run any given appliance in your home. You would divide the watts of the appliance by 1000 to get the number of kilowatts, and multiply it by the number of hours to get kilowatt hours. Multiply this by the number of dollars per kilowatt hour, and you will know how much the appliance costs you. This can help you keep your energy costs down in the future.

It depends on variables. The amount your supplier charges per kilowatt. The wattage of the lamp. and how long it is left on.

Even though sunlight is free it still costs money to manufacture and install the equipment and wiring to convert it to electricity then bring it to your house.

The cost of installing a home wind power generator depends on the kilowatt it produces. A 1 kilowatt wind power generator usually costs $3000-$7000. A 7 kilowatt wind power generator costs $20,000-$40,000. The more kilowatt it produces, the more costly it is.

A 100 watt light bulb lit for 10 hours will cost $0.08; lit for only one hour it will cost one tenth as much -- or eight tenths of a penny.

A desktop computer uses about 200 watts per hour. It takes about 5 hours to use one kilowatt which costs between 8 and 10 cents.

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