How much will the 2016 Olympic tickets cost?

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Tickets for the 2016 Olympic events are unavailable until 2015. Typically, tickets and reservation are made available to the public one year prior to the event, through select ticketing agencies and through the sponsoring country's own website. Ticket prices are not available as of 02/24/2014.

Some general rules:
Ticket prices are based on where you sit. The higher the seat in the auditorium or event hall the cheaper they are. Lower sideline seats can also be more expensive than shown here as a guide. You must buy tickets for each individual event. There are no all inclusive passes for the games. Many hotels do offer packages with select tickets and lodging that start at $2000. However, each of these packages are different depending upon the events and types of rooms. Some higher-end hotels are taking advanced bookings now.

Here is an average cost for certain events in general in US dollars based on the current Winter Olympics (summer prices may be higher):
Opening ceremony from around $175 dollars to $1,000 dollars. Closing ceremony between $175 and $800. Victory ceremonies are around $25. Depending on the individual event, tickets can cost between $25 and $700 dollars, with the more popular events being more expensive.
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There are different websites that you can go onto for cost of the Olympic tickets. There are 6.6 million tickets available for this event, the prices can range from 20 pounds up to 750 pounds. This will be depending on the event that you see and the seat.

How much does the tickets cost for the Olympics?

There will be 8.8 million tickets sold for the 650 sessions of sport. Spread out over 30 plus venues the tickets will range from 20£ to 2,012£, with the most expensive seats being for the opening ceremony (2,012£ / 3,118US$) and closing ceremony (1,500£ / 2,325US$). All sports will ha ( Full Answer )

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There will be 8.8 million tickets sold for the 650 sessions of sport. Spread out over 30 plus venues the tickets will range from 20£ to 2,012£, with the most expensive seats being for the opening ceremony (2,012£ / 3,118US$) and closing ceremony (1,500£ / 2,325US$). All sports will ha ( Full Answer )

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How much is a olympic ceremony ticket cost?

20£ to 2,012£ or 3,118 US$ There will be 8.8 million tickets sold for the 650 sessions of sport. Spread out over 30 plus venues the tickets will range from 20£ to 2,012£, with the most expensive seats being for the opening ceremony (2,012£ / 3,118US$) and closing ceremony (1,500 ( Full Answer )

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There will be 8.8 million tickets sold for the 650 sessions of sport. Spread out over 30 plus venues the tickets will range from 20£ to 2,012£, with the most expensive seats being for the opening ceremony (2,012£ / 3,118US$) and closing ceremony (1,500£ / 2,325US$). All sports will hav ( Full Answer )

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How much do the tickets cost for the 2016 Olympics?

about 2000 dollars or not just guessing what type of sport is going to be because each one must be different because most people watch running, swimming, and gymnastics so if there is only lets say 20 seats left they are going to rise the price don't you think that the least seats the higher the pri ( Full Answer )

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