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The total value of Home Depot's stock is approximately 1.69 billion US Dollars. However, you do not need to buy all stock to be said to "own" a company. Buying one share - as of May 13, 2010, a little under $36 - would qualify you as an owner.

To have substantive input, you would want to be an "insider", which is to say you'd want to own 5% or more of the shares, which would cost you $80,000,000.

To have control, you'd need to either persuade 51% of a variety of the Insitutional, Mutual and Individual owners to vote your way, or simply buy 51% of the shares, which would cost you $816,000,000.

So, $36 to own, $80,000,000 to have a say, and $816,000,000 to have control.

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Q: How much would Home Depot be to buy?
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