How much would a Spider-Man number 1 in poor condition be worth?


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Amazing Spider-Man #1 in the lowest condition is valued at $440.

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That would depend on its condition, and possibly who owned it previously.

If the condition of the bill is "good" or worse it is probably worth less than $11.In "fine" condition it is worth about $11.00 unless it has a star as part of the serial number. If the serial number includes a star in "fine" condition the bill would be worth from $20 (for a bill from New York or Chicago) to $50 (for a bill from Minneapolis).

We really need the issue number and condition of the book .

Yes. Spiderman is smarter than her too. Spiderman has webs. Spiderman would win Rapunzel in a fight.

Uncirculated condition would be worth $875. Fine condition would be worth $125.

It is worth about $1 in good condition. If it is in mint condition it is worth about $2 you would be lucky to get $3.

In perfect uncirculated condition, it would be worth $12. A Very Good condition would be worth $1.

The books are averaging $ 1.10 each but it depends on the condition and issue number .

This gun in a good condition would run anywhere from $90 to $160.

The worth of comic book The Amazing Spider Man number 3 is actually dependent upon a number of factors. The main factor would be condition.

I would guess that this engine in mint condition would be worth at least $500.

A mint condition, uncirculated example would be worth $5. In VERY Good condition, it would be worth $2.

depending on condition of your revolver it would be worth 775.00 dollars in 50% condition up to 1,000 in 70% condition.

well quite obviously spiderman. venom maybe more enhanced but its spiderman. he's beat venom more than venoms beat spiderman.

in mint uncirculated condition, it would be worth $7.50. In normal, used condition it is worth about 97¢.

who would win spiderman or wolverine .... in a Street fight Wolverine would win but spiderman is stronger faster and has spider sense's, spiderman being smarter

In an uncirculated condition, this type would be worth around $90,000.

In Very Fine condition it would be worth $9. In uncirculated condition, $20.

You will probably find that out in the blue book. But I would say it is worth around $600 to $1800.

In good condition the would be $1-2. But in extremely good condition$30.00 and in uncirculated condition $150.00.More:According to USA Coin Book, a coin in good condition would be worth about $1.90 while a coin in MS60 mint condition would be worth about $35. I coin in MS63 choice uncirculated grade would be worth about $50. This coin was only minted in Philadelphia and they did make proof coins. In PR63 proof condition, this coin is worth about $300.

Serial number of a firearm is only one factor, and probably not the most important factor. The condition of the gun is at least as important. You would need to have it inspected by an appraiser to know what it is worth.

In very good condition it would be worth between $65 - $80

According to Sam Ruby dot com, issue $6 in 'Near Mint' condition is worth $3,750.A copy in worse condition would be worth less, and could be worth much less.

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