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How much would a estados Mexicanos unidos 1924 silver peso be worth?


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Depending on condition, $5 to $10


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How much is a ( Estados Unidos Mexicanos Un Peso 1943) worth?

If it's from circulation, face value only. As of 03/2009 the Mexican peso is worth about 7ยข U.S.

In uncirculated condition it is worth around $2.50 USD. (2/28/2010)

where we go to Mexico its worth 12 pesos a dollar

Please post a new question with the coin's denomination.

face value.....look up a conversion website

Not enough information. What denomination is it? Please post a new question.

It's a common circulation coin worth about 20 cents.

It is a gold coin named Centenario, worth USD$1,244.

well it is worth 3 dalors and 25 or 50 cents sorry

"Estados Unidos Mexicanos" is Spanish for "United Mexican States" (or, more colloquially, "The United States of Mexico"), the official name for Mexico. Presuming that you are asking about the numismatic value of a coin dated "1962", it depends on the denomination of the coin as well as its condition.

The gold coin you are talking about is a "Centenario" and it is worth about $1,200 dollars (or 785 Euros).

Most dealers will pay four or five cents and throw it in their 5/$1 box.

This is a relatively common coin that you can find in dealers' miscellaneous foreign bins for about 20 cents.

How much is $5000 Estados Mexicanos dated 1938-1988 with an eagle holding a snake on the back worth in US money

Republica dos estados unidos do Brazil 50 worth

One Mexican peso is worth about a dime in the US, maybe a dime plus a penny or two.

Less than a cent, due to hyperinflation during that time period.

Many of the coins are worth a price close to $5 each. The price will vary depending upon the condition of the coins.

I have a estados unidos mexicano 100.00 1987 I would like to know how much it is, I always saved my mothers old coins. Now that I have a computer I can look up things.

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