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How much would a monthly payment be on 14000 on credit card?


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Three to five percent of the statement balance.


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Either the monthly payment would have to increase or the period of the loan.

Want to know what our monthly house payment will be owing 217000.00 on a 30 year loan at 4.5%

You would probably just be charged a late fee. And there would be a negative comment on your credit report as well.

$234.39 assuming zero down and you pass a credit check.

A purchase would be buying something. A payment would be a payment on the card itself, towards the balance of the available credit.

Most credit cards require a minimum payment of 5 % per month. That would be $ 20 on a balance of $ 400. It all depends on the companies policy.

A Monthly Mortgage payment, would be the repayment of a loan taken with a bank or lending firm, when buying a house or property. For example, if you borrowed $250,000 to buy a house, with an interest rate of 3%. The estimated monthly mortgage payment would be 1,054.01 per month, for 360 months.

Most credit card issuers have moved to a monthly minimum payment due of 4% of the outstanding balance. For a $50,000 balance this would equate to $2,000. Some issuers only require 2% or 3% minimum payments, which would equate to $1,000 or $1,500, respectively. You would need to check with your credit card issuer to determine their particular minimum payment requirements. Check out to look at different scenarios.

It is never too early to start building good credit so sooner would be better. Just make sure that you keep it low so that you can always make the monthly payment and get it paid off which is what builds your credit.

If you would like it to continue then you should make the next monthly payment.

The answer would be yes, depending. A good rule of thumb is to calculate 43% of your gross income. Then, subtract your monthly payments (credit cards, installment loans and such). You'll be left with a figure that should be close to you eligible amount for a total monthly mortgage payment (principal, interest, taxes and insurance). It would be wise to ensure that even if my calculation allows this total monthly payment to be over 31% of your gross income, that you try not to take a mortgage payment over that amount. Many do, but it stretches them financially.

Most credit card companies demand a minimum monthly payment of 5% of your balance owed.If you owe $1000 your minimum payment would be $50.You can send any amount you want. However your balance owing will steadily increase. It will only affect your credit rating.If you pay only the minimum payment each month, it will take years for you to pay your bill.

Sub prime can be used in two aspects 1. Sub prime customer - A customer who does not have a great credit history and does not have the income to pay the monthly mortgage payments on the loan he is asking for 2. Sub prime Loan - A loan that is granted to a sub prime customer If you have a monthly income of $10000 and you ask for a mortgage loan with monthly payment of $4000 then you are a good customer If you have a monthly income of $4000 and you ask for a loan with monthly payment as $10000 then you would be a sub prime customer

Credit? No. But if you crashed the rental car, then stopped payment on it you could be arrested and/or sued. ** sure it would- the company can send you to collections and that would be on your report- affecting your credit.

Based on a 5.45% fixed rate, your monthly payment would be $1298.71

As a state agency, it would be monthly.

Assuming your mortgage rate is about 6%, the monthly principal and interest payment would be about $360. Your Mortgage rates might be higher though because of the financial problems.

You would use a Coldwell Banker mortgage calculator to estimate your monthly payment on a mortgage. To estimate the monthly mortgage payment you need to enter the purchase price, down payment, interest rate, property taxes, insurance, and mortgage term.

It is not possible for someone with bad credit to obtain a home loan with no down payment. They would need to have a 5% minimum down payment and collateral.

That is one heck of a good question, what is the average monthly house payment, visit this website and you well get the answers that you want. No I am just kidding, the average monthly house payment would her $900. It all depends on what kind of house you want to buy. A big house it would be more, a little house it would be less.

Monthly payments are determined by multiple factors; including total price of the vehicle, fees (taxes, title, etc.), down payment, interest rates (determined by your credit ratings) and length of the loan. An auto loan calculator can be used to figure out estimated payment amounts and can be found on multiple web sites and at your local bank.

This question cannot be answered without knowing the term of the loan and the interest rate, as well as any special terms such as an interest only period or balloon payment. To find out the monthly payment amount, gather this information and use a loan calculator widely available online to determine the exact monthly payment, or simply ask your loan officer.

A down payment will reduce the principal borrowed which lowers your monthly payments. A large down payment may also help lower your interest rate and may help you avoid paying PMI. If, for example you were buying a $200,000, at 5% for 30 years, the payment would be $1073.64 per month. If you put 10% down, or $20,000, your monthly payment would be $966.28 and you would save about $20,000 in interest.

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