How much would it cost to go to a video game design school?

I don't know about a video game design school, but there are many technical colleges that offer associates degrees in video game developing. For example, in Georgia, Gwinnett Technical College offers an Associates of Applied Science Degree in Computer Simulation & Game Development. It is a 2-year degree program that prepares you for a career in game development. The classes you would are classes like Game Development, Game Physics, Game Artificial, Computer Programming, and Microcomputers. If you were to go to a technical college like the one I mentioned, it would cost about $5,000 total, plus the cost of books. That isn't very much money, considering four-year colleges are about $15,000 a year and you would pay $2,500 a year. Great answer!! Right on the money! Game design is the up and coming field, however it comes with warning. Stay away from those private schools. They are businesses, very pricey, and you may not get what you paid for. Stay with the accredited colleges. Community colleges are now starting to offer programs - as mentioned above in "Game Design" and "Game Creation, Game development etc.