How much would it cost to replace a cracked lcd screen?

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It can be expensive. You didn't say whether or not is was for a computer, cell phone or television, but chances are you can replace the device for a lot less than the cost of a replacement screen.

Then too, if you're paying a qualified technician to replace it, that's an added cost.
For a NEW computer laptop screen, typical cost of repair in the US, including parts and labor, is $400 - $500 because you'll be stuck paying for OEM new factory parts. On a slightly older model you can do it yourself, paying perhaps $100 - $200 for a salvaged screen from a used computer, such as on eBay. I've personally replaced several screens and with experience I can finish the job in < 30 minutes - but this is from experience. Labor for a novice will range from 45 minutes to three hours of disassembly and reassembly, and you need to be very careful to keep track of all screws, ribbons, and other parts, and very careful not to break any of the delicate internal electronics or you will end up worse than you started off - but it's really not that bad if you're a relatively brave DIYer and you take it slow. If you don't trust yourself, try to find a small local computer repair shop - but call first - some of these places don't like to touch laptops as parts such as the plastic bezel around the screen and associated retention clips can break easy. And don't waste your time with BestBuy's GeekSquad or similar - you'd be better off paying for a new computer than dealing with these guys.
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I don't recommend it because you can prick yourself, but as long as nothing is leaking out and the glass does not fall out you should be fine.