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things impact on the effectiveness of the communication process:

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Q: How need and expectation impact effectiveness of communication?
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What is the need for external and internal customers?

What are the need &expectation

How can communication help in globalization?

Today, people need to understand the dynamics of long-distance collaboration, the impact of culture on manners of speaking and body language, communication is the only way to understand these dynamics and that's the way communication helps in globalization.

How does peronality affect the effectiveness of oral communication?

One of the objectives of communication is to communicate that you have a personality. Since we make sense of the world through our senses .... your eyes, your ears etc. ,we need to connect to the world through the senses ...................Your body language says a lot about your personality!

What is the importance of oral communication in all areas of life?

Communication is a part and parcel of everyones life. All individuals need to communicate to share their knowledge and information with others. However, the degree of its effectiveness depends upon your personal communication skills. The better are your communication skills, the better a person understands you. Not only professionally, you also require effective communication skills in relationships to get the best out of life. And, for the people who wish to achieve success in their life, communication skills work as the stepping stones.

The impact of Internet?

The internet has made major impacts on the world such as speeding up communication. The internet has also allowed information of all sorts to be available when you need it.

What are the factores that affect organisational performance and effectiveness?

An organization needs clear concept of goal of their own. Without it, workers wont be able to focus on to do that they need clear communication with each other clear goal.

Need of data communication?

for proper communication through out the globe

Why you need interface?

interface need for communication

How do you adapt communication to meet different communication needs of adults?

You need to have multiple ways to communicate for adults. Some may need sign language. Some may need communication in a foreign language. Some may need audio rather than written communication.

Why do we need to study information and communication technology or ICT?

We need to study information and communication technology, or ICT, because it is the future means of communication and record keeping.

Why do we need data communication?

For transmitting,receiving and sharing of information of our's and other's interest we need data communication

What factors contribute to organizational effectiveness?

your the website Answers, you tell me, i need it for my assignment

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