How often and what blood work should be done for someone taking Depakote?

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Typically once a year.

Valproate level, liver function, and CBC. Had it every year myself since 1996.
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What is Depakote and how does it work?

Answer . Depakote (Divalproex) is a anti-convulsant. It is usuallyprescribed for persons who are Bipolar(Manic Depression), or asimilar illness. It is sometimes prescribed for people whoexperience chronic migraine headaches. Answer . depakote is also used for seisure control,the shaking ofParkins ( Full Answer )

How often can you take your blood pressure?

Answer . You can take your blood pressure as often as you like. But to make sure that you are getting an accurate reading you should be taking it the same time of day for a couple days in a row to really have a good idea of what it is at. Do it when you are relaxed.

How often should you take an enema?

Depending on your diagnosis, and why you are using an enema, it can vary. If you have a bowel movement problem, you should talk to your doctor. If not, at maximum once a day. You have to remember that the emptier you are, the less of the solution you will need.

How long does it take depakote to work?

My doctor has informed me that it takes at least a full 30 days to notice a mild effect. He had stated that it could take as long as 3-6 months for your brain to acclimate to its full benefits.. If you want my honest opinion,trash this drug. I have given it two tries and both left me depressed and ( Full Answer )

How often should I take a shower?

It's best to shower once every other day. If you take a full shower every day, it will dry out your skin and strip it of its natural defenses against bacteria and such. A lot of people think that you should shower every day, but the truth is, that's just not healthy. Also, it's unhealthy to wash you ( Full Answer )

How often should you take Xanax?

When you take xanax do you have to take it every day? My daughter says her doctor tells her she only has to take it when she feels anxious.

How often should someone pee?

It depends how much water did you drink before that. Water is also eliminated from the body in the form of sweat. Also if you drink coffee or tea the number of times spent peeing increases. It is different from a person to another, but 15 times a day is still OK

How often should you work out?

Alright heres what needs to happen. you need to work out as hard as you can for 1 day. the next day your going to be f*****g tired. that's good, it should feel great. but then you should take one day off and let yourself heal. this is recommended for stregenting and big muscles

I had blood work done and they did a survey 8 what is that?

Most likely, this is the same as a basic metabolic panel (BMP), which is a test which measures the kidney function and common electrolytes, including sodium, chloride, potassium, bicarbonate, and calcium in the blood.

How often should teenagers work out?

A teenager should exercise just as much as an adult should, which is 60 minutes a day. 30 of these said minutes can be spent simply walking to class in school. But then you need another 30 minutes of hard exercise that will keep your heart pumping. That could be running, swimming, playing sports lik ( Full Answer )

How often should you take exlax?

Laxatives can be very dangerous and harmful to a person's health. They should be taken rarely - if ever - and only in dire situations or emergencies.

How often should someone take crack?

hahahaha! NEVER! but if u must "take" crack, one hit a minute is not enough. good luck! really tho, if you have to ask how often you "take" crack, i am begging you, please dont do it, its not worth it.

How often should you take a bath?

if the weather is hot,you should take bath at least twice a day..if it is in cold weather,just take once a day if u can hold the coldness..

How often should a wheel alignment be done?

Alignments the manufacture suggests every 6 months. I work at a place that does alignments and I only do them if I see irregular tire wear (might be too late at this point), or if the truck pulls, but the alignment could be out and the vehicle goes straight down the road. So there is no Good answer. ( Full Answer )

How often should you take your girlfriend out?

Depends...really it shouldn't matter as long as you are happy. Also what would you term as a date??? I date my girlfriend formally about every one to two weeks. But we get together informally to just hang out together. So we see each other and spend time together alot, but we go fairly regularly on ( Full Answer )

How often should back up be done?

Depending on the type of device that you are using to make your backups, backups can be quite time consuming, and are somewhat inconvenient to both produce, and to restore from. There is a third step that virtually NOBODY does, which is actually essential, at least from time to time, and certainly t ( Full Answer )

How often should a breast exam be done?

breast exam should be done every three months, let your health be your priority check your deodorant if its contains alluminium ziconnium, it causes cancer and the nearest place to your armpit is the breast! Which result to breast cancer.

How often should you work out on your forearms?

How often you workout your forearms depends on your workout. Just remember that the forearms are used in all your workouts, even legs! (assuming you perform straight-leg deadlifts).

How often should someone eat bananas?

Never really they are full of sugar (more then a small pack of skittles) and if you listen to someone eating a a banana it sounds really gross

How do you take someones blood pressure?

Blood pressure is measured with a device called a sphygmomanometer. It involves wrapping a cuff around someones arm. The device will register the blood pressure.

Can I Fly after getting blood work done?

NO! lot's of people say you should wait about 3 or 4 days.... ________________________ Why not? If you haven't had a lot of blood drawn. If it is a pin prick test or one where they fill the test tube what does it matter?

How often should you take protein?

Some edible foods have more protein that others so a balanced food intake must be sought after. Meat and eggs and milk and legumes, all contain sufficient protein to sustain a normal person in good health, providing one does not eat to access any of the above. Leave white bread alone, you might as w ( Full Answer )

How often should you take your dog out?

If you don't have pads or a litter box inside, then you need to take the dog out every few hours and after meals--at least. As they get older, they will learn to signal you when they need relief. Until then, you need to pay attention to their needs.

How often should someone get a pap test?

Good question, assuming you are sexually active and have never had an abnormal PAP Smear, you should have a PAP once evey 12 months. However, if you are not sexually active, most doctors will not see it as a requirement that you get a PAP done. Most problems doctors look for during a PAP are caused ( Full Answer )

How often should you take blood sugar?

As regularly as possible. When diabetic, you cannot know if you should eat sugar or inject if you do not know where you blood sugar levels are. I tend to test: When I wake up Before meals Before excercise 2 hours after meals After Excercise Before Sleep Whenever I feel symptoms of being hyper or hyp ( Full Answer )

How often to draw a depakote level?

Every couple months or so would be good. The psychiatrist will usually tell you when to check the level though.

How often should you take Communion?

You may never " take " Holy Communion, you may only " receive " Holy Communion. You should receive Holy Communion as frequently as you can, while you are in a state of grace, and have been fasting. You may not receive Holy Communion more than twice a day, and the second time only if you have been to ( Full Answer )

You are having blood work done and the Dr said not to take any Tylenol you just remembered you have been taking 1 Tylenol pm every night how long should you wait before you have the blood work done?

Well first the reason that the doctor told you not to take Tylenol is because the Tylenol thins the blood, causing the blood to clot less. If your blood clots less then you could lose large amount of blood when you get a cut or scrape. The reason for this is because when you get a cut or scrape and ( Full Answer )

What work is done by the white blood cells?

the white blood cells (WBC's) are mainly involved in the function of fighting against the diseases that enter the blood through various ports such as cuts or wounds.

Can you get blood work done to find out if you have herpes?

Most doctors like to test for herpes when there are any signs or symptoms of a break out because it's more accurate to test for herpes. But if you haven't had any signs or symptoms then yes you can get a blood test done to find out if you have it.

How often should you take jack3d?

i believe 3-4 days it depends when you work out, i work out 4 times a week and i take 1.5 scoops each time i work out, that should be enough.

Why would someone take depakote and Lexapro?

Because while depakote is mainly used to treat siezures, it can also be used with an antidepressant like lexapro as a mood stabilizer. I take sort of the same combo, but mine is lamectal and effexor

How often should blood pressure be measured?

Blood pressure should be routinely checked every one to two years and may be monitored more closely during illnesses that affect blood pressure or during medical treatments

Where can you get blood work done if you do not have insurance?

Any lab will do blood work for you, but there are a few things you need to know. . Getting blood tests generally (but not always, explained below) requires an order from a doctor. . Getting blood tests directly through a lab can be incredibly expensive, but there are low cost options available. ( Full Answer )

How often should you take a girl out?

Take her on at least three dates before you make it official. Then you don't have to take her on so many dates it's ok to take her on a date once or twice a month. After that you're pretty good but remember keep it fresh and don't freak out.

What should you have done to finish your work?

To finish work, any person (NOT just students) must practice some very basic principles of goal-setting and time-management. The person must choose to be dedicated for set periods of time, chosen beforehand, to meet the set goals. Principles of Goal Setting . Make a list first of all the wor ( Full Answer )

What blood test should be done if weakness?

Quite often, if you are noticeably weak or tired you should get a blood test and ask if they can check if you are deficient in any vitamins or minerals like vitamin D or iron.

How often does a background check need to be done when you work in hospital?

Hospital workers need a background check because they are working with vulnerable people. The frequency of these checks will either be prescribed by the laws of your country or the rules of your hospital. If you want to know the rules that would apply to you contact the hospital's HR department.

How much does it cost to get blood work done?

Blood work costs vary depending on the hospital or doctor. Usually, blood work is covered if one was referred by his or her doctor. Usually, blood work should be no more than $250.