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You can take your blood pressure as often as you like. But to make sure that you are getting an accurate reading you should be taking it the same time of day for a couple days in a row to really have a good idea of what it is at. Do it when you are relaxed.

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How often should I take my blood pressure?

You should take your blood pressure regularly. Especially if you are overweight or have previous family conditions of heart attack. Lay off the salt!

What is a range that is considered a healthy blood pressure?

A healthy blood pressure range would be 120/80. Often if your blood pressure is higher than this you will be told you have high blood pressure and anything lower would be low blood pressure. If your blood pressure is over 140 then you should take steps to reduce this.

Name 4 areas you can take blood pressure in the human body?

Perifheral blood pressure, brain blood pressure, kidney blood pressure, eyes blood pressure.

can i take q10 with my blood pressure medicine?

can i take q10 with my high blood pressure medicine

What can you take to lower high blood pressure?

Blood pressure medication

How would a nurse take the blood pressure on a patient that doesn't have limbs?

It depends on the situation. Blood pressure can be measured on legs, not just arms. Often blood pressure is not measured routinely in patients where is it contraindicated (e.g. lymphadenectomy). In a critical care situation where it's important to obtain a blood pressure it is often measured centrally anyway, via insertion of a catheter into the heart.

Can you take theraflu with diabetes and high blood pressure?

no you can not take theraflu if you have high blood pressure and diabetes.

Can you take high blood pressure medicine and Benadryl?

Can u take Benedryl with high blood pressure

What is blood pressure and how do you take it?

Blood pressure is the force of blood against the walls of arteries. If you have high or low blood pressure there is a medicine to lower or maintain good blood pressure.

Can you take NyQuil if you have high blood pressure?

It will be up to your doctor if you can take NyQuil if you have high blood pressure. The medicine is not recommended for people who suffer from high blood pressure.

May you take Tamiflu while on blood pressure medicine?

is ok to take tamiflu with high blood pressure

Can you take menopace original tablets if your on blood pressure and thyroxine tablets?

Can you take menopace with blood pressure tablets

What are you measuring when you take your blood pressure?

We measure the pressure that is exerted by the blood on the wall of vessels.

Should you take NyQuil when your on blood pressure mediation?

NO. It can cause you blood pressure to rise.

What is the location of one artery used to take blood pressure?

the location of one artery used to take blood pressure is

What can you take to increase blood pressure?

One can drink coffee to increase blood pressure. Raid breathing can also increase blood pressure.

What is blood pressure?

Blood pressure is the pressure of the blood in the circulatory system, often measured for diagnosis since it is closely related to the force and rate of the heartbeat and the diameter and elasticity of the arterial walls.

Is it ok to take aspirin if your blood pressure is high?

Aspirin has no effect on blood pressure, but it is a blood thinner so you should not take it if you also take prescription blood thinners like warfarin or Pradaxa.

How can a person know if the symptoms they have are related to high blood pressure ?

High blood pressure can often be symptomless. Often times, drug stores have machines that provide free blood pressure testing. Try one of those or schedule a doctor visit to know whether you have high blood pressure for sure.

People who have high blood pressure can take paroxetina?

hahahahahahahah u have high blood pressure!!!!!!!!!!!!

What causes hi blood pressure in the morning?

Everyone's blood pressure is normally high in the morning, which is why you should take your blood pressure medication at night.

can i take q10 with high pressure medicine?

can i take q10 with my blood pressure medicine

Can people with high blood pressure feel fine?

People who have high blood pressure often feel perfectly fine

I know Gaba helps you sleep better but can you take it if you are taking high blood pressure medication?

No, you should not take Gaba with any kind of blood pressure medication. This is because Gaba is linked to lowered blood pressure and your blood pressure could get too low.

How should a nurse take blood pressure?

Its take blood pressure mercury air tube tester it will calculate millimeter of mercury (mmHg).