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norforms are safe to use daily per clinical review!!! you can ven use them while your on your menstrual cycle

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Q: How often can you use norforms?
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What is norforms?

Norforms are a suppository that a woman inserts inside her vagina to help eliminate vaginal odor.

Can you use norforms for your butt?


Can norforms be used to clear yeast infection?

No norforms can not be used to clear a yeast infection it's for making your vagina feel and smell fresh use monistat for that. I have used norforms for years and it's not for that

What are the side effect of using norforms?

I guess it is like any thing else, you take your chances and smell good. hah.

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There are things you can purchase at the drug store. Norforms are a suppository you insert before sex. Look in the feminine products area. Some items say "spermicidal" on the label.

Does norforms interrupt pregnancy?

No, I heard it was a spermicide but go ask a doctor. I'm not educated on this and I get to answer the question for you. Which means don't ask a question on here it is not going to be answered by professionals ...ya dig ?

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