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Yes they do sleep. That is exactly what mine is doing right now. He sleeps a good bit during the day and whenever.

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How long can red eared sliders sleep under water for?

They can sleep for as long as they want some like to sleep on their rock while some like to sleep underwater both of my sliders love to sleep underwater.

Do red eared sliders sleep?

They do in Fact Sleep under water.

Do Baby Red Eared Sliders sleep a lot when they are young?

Baby red-eared sliders sleep as much as possible when they are young. In nature, they prefer to sleep on rocks or floating in shallow water.

My crush likes to sleep my belly why?

If your crush likes to sleep on your belly, then he or she finds that affectionate.

Where do red eared sliders sleep?

Usually turtles sleep in the water with their head sticking out for air.

Is it safe to sleep on your belly when pregnant?

As long as it's comfortable then it's fine to sleep on your belly during pregnancy. It is recommended to sleep on your left side.

Do manatees sleep upside down?

no thay sleep on there belly

How ofter do 3 week old baby pot belly pigs sleep?

not very often their usually verry active and will sleep verry little untill their a little older

Do fire belly toads sleep?

yes, they do sleep... at night, obviously.

When was Yellow Men Sleep created?

Yellow Men Sleep was created in 1919.

How does a deer sleep?

On it's Belly, with all four legs under it's belly.

How many pages does Yellow Men Sleep have?

Yellow Men Sleep has 343 pages.

Do blue belly lizards sleep underground?

Sometimes they will sleep under the sand for warmth

Are yellow bellied turtles land turtles?

Yes, but they do e laying in the water to cool of at times.njoy Yes that is true, but sometimes yellow bellied sliders luv the water like mine. I have a floating rock and it only goes up there to sleep or if its getting attacked by my other tutle!! lol

Will losing belly fat help with my sleep apnea?

Yes, losing belly fat will help with your sleep apnea. Losing the belly fat will help your body relax and be able to sleep better. Perhaps you might have some stress issues as well that may cause it to worsen.

Can a 6-month pregnant woman sleep on her belly?

You can sleep how you are comfortable. The baby is protected. But at 6 months when the belly is hard not many feel comfortable doing that.

Do pot belly pigs sleep?

All mammals sleep. yes ,often. they sleep as much as a dog. a pigglet pot. will sleep like a puppy, a lot!! it's all play, eat, sleep. all day. my pebbles is 6 weeks old and she sleeps on us more than she does anything else.

Why does your yellow belly turtle sleep a lot?

Mine seem to sleep about 16 hours a day and i think notice i said think not know but i think its just how they are like every different creature has to sleep for different periods of time so nothing really to worry about Hope this helped

Is it safe to sleep on your stomach during pregnancy?

You will hardly be able to sleep if you are on you belly. It will not be good for your or the baby...

Do yellow bellied sliders sleep IN WATER OR OUT?

they sleep in water. at first they normally find something to hold onto near the top of the water so they can poke their nose out for air, but after a while when their heart rate slows they lay at the bottom for up to 40 minutes a time before going up for air.

What side not to lay on when your pregnant?

she shouldn't sleep on her tomy(belly), so she will sleep on her back or either sides.

How does jody get the horny toad to go to sleep?

Jody draws his finger down the belly of the frog to get him to go to sleep.

Can you sleep on a belly piercing?

Yes... But not recommended until after it's healed.

Can a turtle sleep belly up?

no because they can sufficate. for some odd reason

How long do red-eared sliders sleep?

Most reptiles sleep about 75% of the day, but not all at once. They will sleep a few hour here and a few hours there. A turtle such as a red ear slider, can either sleep underwater or on land. My turtle will normally sleep when I have the light of and when they are basking throughout the day.