How often do flamingos lay eggs?

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How often do kiwis lay eggs?

Kiwi birds usually lay only one egg per season & although the kiwi is roughly the size of a chicken, it lays eggs that are about six times the size of a chicken's egg. Further as Kiwis are not constrained by needing to be able to fly some Brown Kiwi females can carry and lay a single 450 g (16 oz) e ( Full Answer )

How often do british bats lay eggs?

British bats don't lay eggs they are 'theria' meaning live-bearing the only egglaying mammals 'protheria' are the last remaining monotremes the platypus and the long-snouted and short-snouted echidnas

How often do hens lay eggs?

A healthy hen that lives in good conditions will lay up to one egg a day mostly. If they stop laying you may notice they are loosing feathers, relax they are simply multing. Loosing old feathers to make room for new ones. They will eventually start again. When there wattle and comb become bright red ( Full Answer )

What does not lay eggs?

mammals Correction: There are two types of egg-laying mammals - the platypus and the echidna.

How often do fish lay eggs?

Most species lay eggs once a year (though this can be several batches of eggs over a few day period) other fish can lay eggs every few weeks or every few months.

How often does a dove lay eggs?

My ring-neck dove would lay an egg probably every 2 weeks if the egg was removed. This can cause a calcium deficiency if they continuously are laying eggs. I read online to place a small wooden egg in the nest for her to sit on to keep from laying her own- it worked.

How often do finches lay eggs?

A female lays as many times as she needs to. It's a matter of keeping her healthy. If we're talking about breeding, and there is a male in the cage with her she should lay three clutches a year.

How often do macaws lay eggs?

With increasing daylight hours from artificial light, and providing the right conditions, they never know the difference and keep laying eggs. Usually in the wild they lay eggs twice a year

How often do chikens lay eggs?

You should expect to get 80%. So if you had 100 hens, you should be receiving about 80 eggs. When chickens reach the age of 3 years, they will become too old to lay eggs this common. This is the age where hens are most commonly retired.

How often do snails lay eggs?

Most snails lay eggs once or twice in a week. There are differenttypes of snails which means that the frequency of laying eggs willdiffer.

How often do koi lay eggs?

Koi breed once a year around spring time when the temperature changes. There are many factors that determines the amount of eggs a koi will produce. Diet or the fish's state of health can affect it. For a koi fish in good health and approximate figure is about 45,000 per pound of fish. Don't worry ( Full Answer )

How often do cockroaches lay eggs?

Cockroaches live up to a year and can lay up to eight egg cases ina lifetime. She can have up to 400 baby roaches.

How often do chickens lay eggs in the winter?

Hens will lay all year long but their ovulation is regulated by the number of hours of light they receive per day. Since seasonal temperatures are tied to daylight hours, nature has provided the chicken with an "off Switch" so to speak. If a hen fails to receive at least 14 hours of light per day, s ( Full Answer )

How often does a hen lay eggs?

Once a day usualy. I had one hen and one day I found two eggs in the box, and I had got the egg the day before. Hope this helps.

How often do quails lay eggs is it daily?

A quail which is breed to lay eggs should receive 14 hours of light per day. This may mean that artificial lightning may be needed. If the quail receives the right amount of light, they will approx. lay 1 egg per day. On average they will lay 200-300 eggs per year. I hope this answered your quest ( Full Answer )

How often do alligators lay eggs?

Alligators lay eggs every spring. The sex of the babies isdetermined by the temperature of the eggs when incubated.

How often an adult mosquito lay eggs?

Males and females mate during the first 3 to 5 days after they have emerged. Females mate only once. Generally a female will only live long enough to lay 1 to 3 batches of eggs. Info found on

How often do fancy tailed goldfish lay eggs?

Fancy goldfish (Carassius auratus) are the same species as all other goldfish. They normally spawn once a year in spring. However some commercial breeders give them controlled conditions with extremely good care and diets and they can be bred several times yearly.

How often and how many eggs do female ducks lay in a year?

This varies from one breed to another and duck to duck, for example a White Pekin can lay between 100 to 180 eggs per year. Next example, a Khaki Campbell lays 200 to 300 eggs per year!( "A Guide to Better Hatching",Janet Stromberg author)

How often do doves lay eggs?

Doves and pigeons (Columbiformes) start breeding subject to food availability and light levels and can be seasonal or year-round, so the answer is not a simple one. When they do start breeding, clutch size can be 1 - 2 eggs (occasionaly 3) -- fruit eating species usually only have one egg. Incubatio ( Full Answer )

How often chicken lays egg?

a chicken lays a egg every day. A chicken will only lay a egg if it gets 18 h of light a day if you live on a farm like me in the winter you should use a heat lamp: 1. because it will give them enough light to lay 2. if you put it over the water the water will not freeze p.s this is the g ( Full Answer )

How often do osprey lay eggs?

Answer . Osprey breed once per year. The female lays between two and four eggs over a period of four weeks.

How often do pheasants lay eggs?

Everyother day to two days and check carefully so u don't step on one and check three to four times a day they r really neat animals so get some and it takes up to 23-27 days ro hatch eggs

How often do lepard geckos lay eggs?

they usually lay eggs from early spring to early fall in that period mine usually lay about five it may differ how many they lay

How often does haribon lay eggs?

A haribon also known as a Philippine Eagle lays eggs about twice ina year. However there are no evidences on this as it is acritically endangered animal.

How often do rhode island red hens lay eggs?

As with all hens it depends on age. These hens stop laying at age three, and live until 6. they start laying at around four months, and at 6 months-2 years happy rhodys lay an egg a day. from 2-3 they start slowing down, and lay an egg a day earlier, then gradually lay every other days every three d ( Full Answer )

How often does a parakeet lay eggs?

Parakeets will usually breed once or twice in a season depending on rainfall, food availability and water availability. .

How often does a parrot lay eggs?

a parrot lays eggs whenever you leave it in a breading box with a partner of a different sex the amount of eggs it lays depends on what type of parrot you have try going to a parrot website for more information

Why do flies often lay eggs on spoiled meat?

Flies will often lay eggs on spoiled meat because they are attracted to the smell of the meat. The meat will provide a place for the eggs to incubate and also a source of food once the larvae hatch.

How long does a flamingo sit on its eggs?

Greater Flamingos usually incubate their eggs for 26-30 days(average about 28 days) between laying and hatching. The otherflamingo species (there are 6 species of flamingo in the world) aresimilar. (I used to work at a zoo as a flamingo keeper/breeder).

How often do gold barbs lay eggs?

On friday, friday! got to lay eggs on friday. Partying, partying YEAH! eggs, eggs, eggs. Looking forward to laying eggs!

How often do wild birds lay eggs?

well really it only happens in the spring or the summer in the places that have snow but lets say you live in south America it can really actually mate when ever it does not already have babies.

How often do barn swallows lay eggs?

The barn swallow lays eggs once per year. They lay between 2 an 7eggs at once. The average is 4 or 5 offspring per year.

How often do angelfish lay eggs?

If you allow a pair of Angelfish (Pterophylum scalare) to rear their young, then they will not spawn again until a few weeks after the young are all independent or removed from their aquarium. If on the other hand, you remove their fertilised ova, then depending on their condition and circumstances ( Full Answer )

How often does bald eagles lay eggs?

Bald eagles nest once a year, normally in early spring. They usually return to the same nest, adding new material each year, until the nest becomes unstable and falls to the ground.

How often can a fish lay eggs?

it all depends on what type of fish you have but usually they lay eggs every few months or years

How often do flys lay eggs?

Flies lay eggs from one to eight times in their life. They live for 10-25 days, and depending on how fertile they are, can lay up to 500 eggs every 3-4 days.

How often do bantam hens lay eggs?

They are like birds, when a rooster mates with them they lay a couple of eggs and try to hatch them out. They will be laying for 6-7 days of lots of eggs and then they won't until a rooster breeds with them.