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Men produce sperm continuously from puberty onwards as long as there is no illness or disease.

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Q: How often does a man produce sperm a day?
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How many sperm produce a men per day?

A man produces approximately tens of MILLIONS of sperm per day.

How many sperm cells does a man produce each day?


How do you treat a man that cant produce babies?

If you mean how to do you treat a man that cannot produce sperm, there is sadly not much that you can do to allow him to produce more sperm.

When does a man produce sperm the best?

I think in age 35 every man PRODUCE SPERM THE BEST. = = I think in age 35 every man PRODUCE SPERM THE BEST. = =

How long can a man produce sperms?

a man can produce sperm for his whole life

Can a guy ever run out of sperm?

It is not possible for a man to run out of sperm or ejaculate. This is because the body continues to produce more each day.

How does sperm generate in a man's body?

in the testicles!The average man will produce 1 million sperm cells a day. To get these sperm cells you can moleste him with your hands, suck on his genitals and wait for his release, or just have sex with him.

When a man has sex more often does it reduce their sperm count when they ejaculate?

It can if a man has sex more than once or so a day. However, sperm is made everyday, and the old sperm dies, and new sperm is made.

What will happen if a man runs out of sperm?

Sperm is produce continuously by the body

Can every man produce sperm?


What is it called when a man produce's sperm?


Does a man with 3 testical produce more sperm?

no you produce vaginal fluid

What makes a man fertile?

His ability to produce sperm

Can A Man Produce Sperm with one testicle?


Can a man produce sperm?

No, the physical equipment is not present.

Can a man produce sperm if he fingers himself in anal?


Can a transgender female to male get his wife pregnant?

No. A transgender man does not produce sperm.

What is related in a man which can produce sperm?

Testicle temperature regulation is essential in maximum sperm production.

How do you know if a man cannot produce children?

you get his sperm tested.

How many sperm does the average man produce per second?

The average man produces roughly 1000 sperm a second, about 500 in each testicle.

Can a man without testicles have babies?

No. A man without testicles cannot produce sperm. Sperm is produced in the testicles in the scrotum, if there are no testicles, no semen, no babies.

Can a transexal woman-to-man produce sperm?

No, the physical equipment is not present.

What does it mean when a man is sterile?

It means he doesnt produce sperm and if he does there dead.

Can a guy have a vagina and still be male and still produce sperm?

No a man can not.

How many sperm can one testicle produce?

The man ejactulates about 30 million or so sperm per ejaculation

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