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Q: How often is the CA bar exam offered?
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Where can one go for a bar exam in CA?

The website The State Bar of California offers information on where can one go to take a bar exam. One of their office of admissions is located at 1149 S. Hill Street, Los Angeles, CA.

Is it possible to go to law school in England but pass the US bar exam?

To take the Florida Bar exam you have to have graduated from a law school accredited by the American Bar Association or one with provisional accreditation. I am almost certain that this is true in all states.

Where can you find the question to the ca life and health exam?

Where can I find the questions to the Ca. Life and Health exam?

If you go to a CA Bar Accredited law school but you want to be a patent attorney practicing only federal law can you take another state's bar exam?

You must take and pass the Patent Bar. You must take and pass a state bar exam. Once you are registered as an attorney with the USPTO, it doesn't matter what state you are barred in. You may practice anywhere in the US, because patent law is federal law. You should take the state bar of the state in which you plan to reside. If you are unsure, it might be a good idea to take CA, since there is an exam to waive into admissions there, but other states allow you to waive in by motion only after practicing for 5 years.

What is CA exam?

charted account

You just compeleted 12th standard commerce stream . What is the proccess to become CA?

To become a Chartered Accountant (CA), you will need to follow the below steps: Register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI): You need to register with the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) to be eligible to pursue the CA course. You can register online on the ICAI website. Clear CA Foundation Exam: Once you are registered, you need to appear and clear the CA Foundation Exam. This is the entry-level exam for the CA course. Clear CA Intermediate Exam: After clearing the CA Foundation Exam, you will be eligible to appear for the CA Intermediate Exam. This is the second level of the CA course. Clear CA Final Exam: After clearing the CA Intermediate Exam, you will be eligible to appear for the CA Final Exam. This is the last and final level of the CA course. Register with the ICAI: After successfully clearing all the mandatory CA exams, you need to register with the ICAI to be eligible to practice as a Chartered Accountant. VISIT TAPASYA COLLEGE OF COMMERCE AND MANAGEMENT FOR CA FOUNDATION OR CA RELATED QUERIES.

May a lawyer licensed in California practice law in Massachusetts as an attorney employed by a Mass company without taking the Massachusetts bar exam?

No, not actively practice, unless he is admitted to the Bar in both states. Does the company in question have a 'presence' in CA? If the lawyer is based in CA and is writing an opinion, or a letter to someone in another state, that is legal.

In which states outside Calif may a CA attorney legally practice law if employed by a company with offices in that state without passing that state's bar exam?

None! Unfortunately, if you decide to attain your License in a state that does not require a formal education to take the Bar Exam, you can only practice in the few other states that also offer that bypass.

Is math compulsory for the ca exam?

If by ca, Chartered Accountant is meant, then yes math is compulsory.

What is required to obtain a CA contactors license?

For a person to obtain a CA contractor license they would have to take some courses to qualify for an exam, when you pass the exam, a license will be issued.

What is the pass percentage of ca final exam June 2009?

Passing % of CA Final June 09 exam is: Both Groups 13.85% Group 1 32.42 Group 2 15.03

What is the zip code for Diamond Bar CA?

The zip code for diamond bar is 91765