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The SAT is usually offered 7 times per year with a sizable gap between the June and October dates.

The *usual* testing dates are as follows:

January: middle to end of month

March: middle of month

May: first of month

June: first of month

October: first of month

November: first of month

December: first of month

These dates are always subject to change, but that is the 'normal' testing schedule.

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Q: How often is the GRE test offered?
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What is the GRE exam date?

The GRE exam is offered year-round at designated test centers, so there isn't a specific exam date. You can choose a date and location that works best for you when registering for the exam.

What is difference between toefel and gre?

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Is the GRE test available to take online?

Unfortunately, you must take the GRE test in an approved test center of your choosing. Here is the website for you to register and find the center closest to you:

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