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How often the cartridges must be changed in a color printer is dependent on the printer, the capacity of the cartridges, whether it is an inkjet or laser (some laser printers can print several thousands of pages before needing to be changed), and the quality of what is being printed (most printers have a draft mode which conserves the cartridge by not printing as dark).

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Do HP printer ink cartridges last long?

Printer ink cartridges can run out quickly. HP printer ink cartridges can last up to six months depending on how often you print. There are special cartridges for photos, invites, and even deskjet models.

Pricey Printer Toner Cartridges?

It is often said that it doesn't matter how cheap the printer is because the real sticker price is the price of the printer toner cartridges. The printer toner can be very expensive to replace and it can get used up rather quickly if you are printing a lot of documents or pictures. You can refill cartridges, but it can be a pain to deal with. You can recycle your cartridges for a small discount.

How often should I replace my dell printer ink cartridges?

You will know when your dell printer ink cartridges will need to be replaced. When you are low on printer ink, you will either receive an error message or will see a low ink warning. It should not be emptied otherwise.

How to Locate the Best Printer Laser Cartridges?

Your use of printer laser cartridges may be expensive, especially if you print out many pages on a daily basis. This can lead to the cartridge wearing out quickly. People who print a huge number of things out can often go through printer ink cartridges frequently, and this can add up to some serious expenses.

Save Money With Remanufactured Inkjet Cartridges?

Ink cartridges are expensive; often more expensive than the printer itself. Save money by using remanufactured inkjet cartridges. The quality is very comparable to using the original manufacturer's cartridges for black and white prints and most color prints. Some users find a loss of quality for full-color photographs, so you should test a few prints before deciding to use remanufactured cartridges.

You lost your disk to use your printer what can you do?

Generally, you can google to find a manufacturer's website and often you can download the drivers that you need to use the printer. Things often get complicated if you are trying to use it in Vista when it is only available for XP. Simply, because the printer manufacturers want you to buy a new printer. If you cannot locate any where that you can find the software you need, do not despair, most printers are cheaper than the ink cartridges that they use. It is sad, but now-a-days you can buy a brand new printer with the ink cartridges for only a little more than what it costs for the ink cartridges alone.

What are the key advantages of a color inkjet printer versus a color laser printer?

A color inkjet printer and laser jet printer can often be found for the same price. Inkjet printers in the long run are often more expensive than laser printers. However many individuals like the look and smoothness that pictures and documents have that are printed on inkjet printers verse a laser jet printer.

Looking for Ink Cartridges Australia?

If your printer starts producing pages of faded text, it may be time to look for replacement ink cartridges Australia. These items are often associated with high price tags, but you can commonly find good bargains on them if you look in the right stores. You can also go to the best electronics sites to figure out if there are the printer cartridges that you need at such spots.

How can you make printers ink cartridges more durable?

There is really no way to make printer ink cartridges more durable. The only real problem with ink cartridges is that they often run low, and are sold for several times what it costs to make them. Buying more efficient cartridges and printers is the only way to make your cartridges more durable or last longer.

Are refurbished ink cartridges okay?

Refurbished or refilled ink cartridges generally work well, but often they contain a small circuit to tell the printer how much ink has gone through. After those cartridges are refilled, the printer software will tell you that the cartridge is empty. This is an attempt by the manufacturer to KEEP you from refilling the cartridge, since some of the "features" of the printer will no longer work. Inkjet printers are cheap to purchase, but the ink is so expensive that you might find a better printing option by purchasing a laser printer.

Where to Read a Compatible Ink Cartridges Review?

When you are thinking about buying a different ink cartridge, you may be looking for a compatible ink cartridges review. These distinct reviews can often be good to read if you are wondering what types of cartridges are going to work right with your particular printer. You might also be trying to find out how long these cartridges typically last for.

What makes up a package of Canon mp980 ink cartridges?

A bundle of Canon MP980 ink cartridges depends on the color. You can buy each color individually or a value pack that often includes black, cyan, magenta and blue.

Are generic laser printer toner cartridges just as good as brand name cartridges?

One of the best ways to save money on printer costs is to consider purchasing generic toner rather than name brand toner cartridges. Whether the printer is used at home for occasional tasks or sees heavy use daily in an office environment, generic toner is often just as good in terms of producing clear copies and managing the same or even more pages than the more expensive cartridges on the market. Finding and comparing different generic toner products does take a little effort, but will often save a significant amount of money over time.

Shop Around For Cheapest Ink Cartridges For Printers?

The cheapest ink cartridges for printers depends on the model of the printer, but most often refilled cartridges are cheaper than new ones. You can buy refilled cartridges online, refill your own or from a specialty ink store. You will need to take your old cartridge to the store to swap for a filled one. If you do not have your cartridge, you will be charged a small fee.

What colours does a bw laser printer print in?

A B&W Laser Printer prints in black and white. It is a monochrome printer, or one colored printer. B&W Laser Printers are often used in businesses where color is not needed.

How often does a color laserjet printer need to have its ink replaced?

It depends on the yield of the toner cartridge and how many pages you print per day on average. If your cartridges yield 12K pages and you print 50 pages a day, then your toner will have to be replaced approximately every 240 days.

How do you prevent inkjet cartridges from clogging if printer not used very often?

Print a page every now and again. If its really bad, do a print head cleaning from the maintenance window.

How do you reset the chip on the dell 1600 n toner cartridge?

If your cartridges are not being recognized by the printer, make sure the tape (often brightly colored) covering the cartridge's vent cycles. Remove the cartridge from the printer. Power the printer off, and leave it off for two minutes. Power the printer back on, and reinstall the cartridge, and then run the head-cleaning cycle.

Why is it less expensive to maintain an inkjet printer that has a black ink cartridge that one that does not?

Color printers use all of the colors plus a little black ink to make black. Since the other colors come in smaller cartridges you'll be replacing them more often than the black.

What features should I look for when purchasing an all in one priinter?

If you're looking at an inkjet multi function printer, and if cost is important to you, you should price the replacement ink cartridges. Inkjet printers can use a large amount of ink, and often the least expensive printer will cost more over the long run as they tend to have the most expensive replacement ink cartridges.

How do you reset a lexmark printer ink cartridge can it be done so that you can refill instead of buying new?

Lexmark printer cartridges are often encoded to stop working after a certain number of sheets. A reputable ink refill store can reset the cartridge so that it can be used.

Where can I get a good printer cartridge?

it is not illegal. however it is foolish. it often doesn't work. it can damage the printer and it will not be covered under warranty. you can usually find compatible cartridges for much lower if your goal is to save money. read this for details http://ccs-digital.com/refills.asp

How to Save Money on Printer Ink?

While home printers can be very convenient, ink cartridges are often expensive. Printer manufacturers often sell printers at less than they cost to build. These costs are recouped through very expensive cartridges. A full set of printer cartridges may cost more than the value of the printer.There are several ways to save money on printer cartridges. It's important to use the right type of cartridge for a printer.Generic CartridgesGeneric cartridges are often cheaper than cartridges provided by a manufacturer. Many generic cartridges may be less than half the price of a genuine cartridge. Most generics use high quality ink, offer good print quality, and can be returned or recycled for a small stipend.There are several concerns when using a generic cartridge. Many printer manufacturers will embed a proprietary computer chip in their printer cartridges. This will make the printer reject any cartridge that is manufactured by a third party. In addition, the nozzle on some third party printers may not provide excellent print quality. While they can be used to print text and images, they may not be able to produce high quality photos.Refilling CartridgesRefilling cartridges can be an excellent way to save money. It may cost less than $1 to refill an expensive cartridge. It's important to one's needs when refilling printer cartridges. A refilled cartridge will not deliver print results on par with a new printer cartridge. A refilled cartridge shouldn't be used for high quality photos, resumes, or other documents that need to be perfect. However, refilled cartridges can be an excellent way to save money for every-day activities.Refilling a printer cartridge is simple. Most refill kits come with a small screw, a packet of ink, and a piece of tape to reseal the cartridge. It's important to make sure that a refilled cartridge isn't leaking any ink. In addition, some refilled cartridges may need to be 'reset' -- this will allow the printer to recognize the cartridge as new.It's easy to save money on printer cartridges by following these steps. While a refilled or generic cartridge may not deliver professional quality results, it can be a great way to save money.

What are some advantages and disadvantages of a color plotter printer?

Compared to a laser printer, there are no advantages, it is slower, not as acurate and you have to change the colour patrons more often. An advantage is that it is actually not that noisey.

Compatible Inkjet Cartridges?

Compatible inkjet cartridges often offer substantial savings when it comes time to replace the cartridges that came with the printer. This is mainly due to the fact that manufacturers of compatible cartridges do not have the higher marketing costs that OEM manufacturers must endure in order to persuade people to buy their printers. Also, compatible inkjet cartridge suppliers also require less inventory, since many different brands of printers can use the same compatible cartridges.

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