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Q: How often should a mantoux test be given?
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How is the mantoux test for tuberculosis given?

skin test

Can mantoux test be given in upper arm?

no it cant

What is the name of a tuberculosis test?

It is often called a tuberculin skin test, or a Mantoux test.

What is the meaning of 28mm swelling in the Mantoux test?

what is the meaning of 28mm swelling in the widest in mantoux test

Which is an intradermal test to determine tuberculin sensitivity?

Mantoux test

What type of test determines tuberculin sensitivity?

The Mantoux test

What is mantoux test use to detect?


Which test used to screen for tuberculosis?


What is mantoux test?

its a test done to the skin for presence of mycobacteria tuberculosis

What is present with a positive Mantoux?

If you get a positive Mantoux test it means that you have purified protein derivative. This test is used to test for TB or Tuberculosis. If you get a positive test, further testing is required to see if you actually have Tuberculosis.

Is mantoux test dangerous to pregnant women?

No. This test is safe during pregnancy.

Is mantoux test positive in healed or treated T.B?


How often should you test your smoke alarms?

How often should you test your smoke alarms

What is the next investigation to do if mantoux test is positive?

Then to confirm Tuberculosis, chest x-ray will be taken.

How often can a ppd test be administered?

a ppd test can be given every month

When do you say someone is positive of Mantoux test?

A Mantoux test is done by injecting a very small amount of TB protein ( antigens) under the top layer of skin. The skin test is then read 2 or 3 days later, a positive test, doesn't always mean someone has TB; it just means that you have been exposed to TB at sometime in your life, a follow up XRay or CT scan to reveal if there is an active infection should be done.A sputum test can also be done to determine if there is active infection.

Which test is used to screen for tuberculosis?

Tuberculin skin testing, but Mantoux Purified Protein Derivative skin test is considered a more accurate skin test for diagnosing tuberculosis.

What is the medical term meaning Tb skin test?

The medical term meaning Tb skin test is Mantoux. It's a term that refers to a skin test to check for tuburculosis.

Can someone pass tuberculosis?

Yes, it is transmittable. A test known as a PPD, or Mantoux, can detect the presence of tuberculosis

What is principle of a rubella test?

The test is given to see if a person has been exposed to rubella in the past. It is often given to women who want to get pregnant.

Should early morning blood be given for pregnancy test?

Yes the early blood should be given to get a correct reading.

How do you chart a negative ppd mantoux test and what do you chart it on?

The Mantoux test determines rather a person has tuberculosis. A patients forearm skin is injected with 1ml tuberculin protein. It is the reaction to the injection that is read. If the inject swells and spreads to 5 mill or more Iit is positive. A negative reading is less then 5mm. The measurement and response is charted on a Medwatch form.

How often should you get a blood test?

from 6months -1year

How often should you have an ANA test?

once a year

What is most often a timed test in phlebotomy?

Glucose tolerance test is the most common timed test in phlebotomy. It's a common test given during pregnancy.