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If you're talking front ones, and they were installed properly and the system doesn't develop other problems to cause premature wear, and also depending if you're talking city or highway driving, not to mention what quality of parts were installed, I would expect about 35,000. If you have rear drum brakes and you keep them adjusted every 12,000 miles your fronts may last longer. If we are talking rear shoes I would expect 75,000 miles, rear disc brakes about 50,000 miles

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2015-07-16 18:04:50
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Q: How often should brakes be changed?
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How often do you change brakes on a kia mini van?

How often brakes should be changed depends on the type of brakes in the vehicle and the use of the bakes in the vehicle. However, the general rule is every 10,000 miles.

How often should you check your brakes?

You should check your brakes at least one time each year. You should also check them whenever you have your tires rotated.

How often should brake pads be changed?

It depends on the vehicle and the driver. Some folks wear out brakes in less than 15K and some folks go 75K before they need replacing. Have your brakes checked each time you have the vehicle serviced.

How and when should I replace my brakes?

There is no magic number as to how often you should change your brakes. Brakes will wear down differently depending on the make of the brake and they will start squeaking so you know that you need to change it.

How often should I get my brakes replaced?

Although there is no set on how often your brakes should be replaced, I would just pay attention to your car. When you notice something wrong, I would call your auto body shop.

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How often should you get your brakes checked?

At each oil change or once a year.

How often should rear disc brakes be changed?

Rear pads usually last about 100,000 kms. Inspect them at least once a year and check pad wear and freedom of emergency brake.

What should you do when you have changed the front brakes on your 1995 Toyota Camry and now you have lost all braking power?

Bleed the brakes. It sounds like you have air in the system.

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