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They should drink anywhere from 15-20 minutes apart. I have 3 1/2 hour practices. 4 times isn't enough for those long practices.

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How much water is Samuel most likely to drink after soccer practice?

Samuel should drink plenty of water during and after soccer practice. Gotta stay hydrated!

What kind of drink should you drink after playing football?

A protein drink. A cheap one would be chocolate milk.

What kind drink should you drink the day before a football game?

you should always have at least 3 bottles of lucazede

During ramadan when do muslims eat?

During fasting in Ramadan, Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, or practice sex in the daytime from Dawn to sunset. They are allowed beyond this period to eat, drink, smoke, and practice sex.

What do Muslims not do during Ramadan?

During fasting period, Muslims are not allowed to eat, drink, smoke, or practice sex.

How much water should drink in a day before football?

8 glasses

Should you eat during a workout?

No, you should eat protein before and after, but drink a lot of water during.

How much should you drink during a marathon?

a lot

Can you drink milk during passover?

Can you? yesShould you? no

Should you drink cold water after exercising?

You should drink water during and after exercising. It is easy to become dehydrated during exercise, fluids help to prevent dehydration.

Can you drink wine during your pregnancy?

No. Pregnant women should not drink any type of alcohol.

What do Football players drink during the games?

prune juice with laxidives prune juice with laxidives

Should you drink water during playing gymnasium or not?


What should i drink during day of drug test?


Can a football player eat food during the 15munites break?

Yes any player can eat and drink during the half time break

Does alcohol affect treatment for trichomoniasis?

It likely will not affect your treatment, but it is a good practice not to drink alcohol during treatment.

How much water should you drink before and during heavy exercise?

Drink whatever you feel like.

Do basketball players have to drink a lot of water during a game?

Basketball players should not drink a lot of water during a game. To best benefit themselves and avoid dehydration, they should drink a lot of water before a game and after a game.

What foods should I be eating during pregnancy?

There are several foods you should eat during pregnancy. You should eat green vegetables and drink juice.

Should Steve Birmingham drink during Lent?

Yes, Steve should drink if he is in Indianapolis for work with new ICD reps and Mike O'Neill.

What are Muslims not allowed to do during Ramadan?

During the fasting period (that is in daytime from dawn to sunset), they are not allowed to eat, drink, practice sex, or smoke). Throughout the month they should observe God more closely by refraining themselves from doing any wrongs and competing in doing good deeds. From sunrise to sunset, Muslims do not eat, drink, or have intercourse.

How do you prepare for an event im 11?

You should practice a lot. You also have to drink a lot of water. You should also warm up before the race.

How often should you drink water during exercise?

every 15 minutes

What should a musician do to keep vocal chords?

Practice often, don't smoke, drink plenty of water before performing. Practice breathing in a deep and controlled way and this should help provide a pleasant and even tone.

Should you drink water before exercise?

Yes, it keeps you hydrated - you should always drink water before exercising, during exercising and after. And when you aren't even exercising!