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I would say 1-3 days depending on where you live. If you live out in the country definitly at least once a day, if you live in the city or live in a little house probably every other day but it all depends on where you live and how many rats or mice you have seen.

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Q: How often should rodent traps be checked?
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How often should you work on your traps?

once-twice a week. And hit them hard!

When Harriet Tubman checked traps in the river what did it cause?


What is the most effective approach to rodent control in a restaurant?

Keeping your restaraunt clean will be the most effective way to keep rodents away. If you have a rodent problem it is best to have a professional exterminator deal with it. Acceptable devices to use indoors for restaurants are glue traps and live traps. It is illegal and unsafe to use snap traps or rodenticides in any area where food is being prepared or served.

What should organisations do to control vermin?

You need a professionally provided and cared for rodent control program- traps, stations etc. Any sanitation/structural issues conducive can be determined by your service rep.

Where can I find more information on control rodent ?

For rodent control, you can visit this website: For rodent control, you want to clean the area that is affective, set up traps with peanut butter or cheese so the rodent will eat it. Once the rodent eats the poison cheese or peanut butter it will die. Now that the steps are completed, continue to keep an eye out and monitor all the surrounding areas.

What are the purple boxes in trees along the Pennsylvania Turnpike?

They are traps for the emerald ash borers. The traps will be checked at the end of summer and if it has the invasive beetle then the area will be quarantined. No wood in or out.

What is the best kind of rodent control?

There are many different ways to control your mice problem. The best thing to do is to both poison them and set out mouse traps.

What is the conjunctive adverb in the following sentence mom checked the mouse traps again they were empty?

again, they were empty

Where should you look when you have lost your hamster?

Look somewhere low, but also you should look for places your hamster can climb.They can climb thanks to there nails.Look in your laundry,and shoes.Both are warm and cuddley places.Set up a humane trap.Humane traps are hamster traps,but they don't hurt your pet.Check on it often and watch your step!

What traps material that should not go into your lungs?

the epiglotus

What is the best way to get rid of a rodent problem?

You can try to entice them to come out and trap them. However, it all may be simpler to hire an exterminator, since if you poison them and they die inside the walls, you have a larger problem, due to the odor.

HOW do electronic rat traps work?

Most of the electronic rat traps use batteries to charge their circuit boards. The Rat Zapper is the original electronic rat trap. It works when the rat is lured into the chamber by the bait. When the rodent steps onto the kill plate the unit sends electricity down to the plate and electrocutes it dead.