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Tell the teacher the truth and ask her for one chance to return it tomorrow.

If you don't do it, you get a failing grade on it. The best thing is to ask if you can do it for tomorrow - then be sure you do it!

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Kids are human beings! Everybody forgets things sometimes. Kids are especially forgetful because their brains are not finished developing - they get distracted by talking to their friends, or thinking about what they're going to do after school - and then they forget other things.

One good way NOT to forget your homework is to keep a special assignment notebook where you write down every single assignment. Keep this with you all the time and you won't forget!

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Students should have homework at least once a week so that can teach them to be organised and to get the job done. And if they don't have it done there should be a penalty.

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Hopefully not too often or they'll get a really bad grade!

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Q: How often should students have homework?
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Who decides students should have homework?

Teachers decide what homework to give to students. Homework is given in order to enhance the instruction given in the classroom, so students can learn the material well.

how much homework should students get?


Should primary students be given homework?

They can have simple homework, yes, to help them learn the material.

What are your views on homework whether it should be given or not?

I believe that homework should be given to students. Although many people hate having homework (I do too), it is a great way for students to review the day's work and understand it to a deeper level. I think that there should be homework, but only about 30 mins- 1 hr of homework, and definitely no projects

Do students in Finland have homework?

Yes, students in Finland have homework

Why should 5th grade students have homework?

Fifth grade definitely should have homework. Homework teaches responsibility, allows students an opportunity to develop good study habits, and prepares them to be able to handle the homework given in the higher grades.

How do you explain in detail whether homework should be given to students?

Because homework is an extension of classroom learning, homework should be given. While students are overseen by the teacher when in school, having lessons to do at home allows them the opportunity to develop good study habits and responsibility that cannot be learned in school. Having homework also allows students to learn the material better.

How should students do their homework I need 200 words what should I write?

write your assignment for you. You should write all the ways you think students could do their homework. Get a sheet of paper and start brainstorming ideas, then put those into sentences and you have your 200 words.

Should homework be easy?

no. i believe homework should be challenging but not stressful , and should be interesting. THANK YOU. i believe homework is only easy to good students who pay attention, listen, take note,ect. If you don't do these it can still be easy if it is something you enjoy.

Do kids die due to homework?

Normally, as long as you do your homework proactively, you should be fine. Normally, deaths and health problems arise when homework piles up and students get not enough sleep.

A graph of students troubled with homework issues?

No studies have been done - you should do this for a science project and get an A!

Should 5th grade students have homework?

So that they can improve and grow and become 6th graders.