How old are Matilda and her brother?

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Who played Matilda brother in Matilda?

Brian levinson

How old is Matilda?

Matilda is 4 and a half years old

How old is Matilda and What is her name?

Matilda was 4 and then at the end of the movie she was in 3rd grade and was 9 years old and her name is actually Matilda

How old is louisa Matilda Jacobs?

Louisa Matilda Jacobs is 80 years old

How old was matilda of flanders when she died?

Matilda of Flanders was 52 years old when she passed away.

In the book Matilda whats the name of Matilda's brother?


How old is Matilda really?

24 years old

How old is Empress Matilda?

Empress Matilda was born on February 7, 1102 and died on September 10, 1167. Empress Matilda would have been 65 years old at the time of death or 913 years old today.

Roald dahl Matilda how old is Michael?

Michael is five years older than Matilda

What is the name of Matilda's brother?

Matilda of Flanders had two brothers named Baldwin and Robert. Matilda was married to William of Normandy, who conquered England in 1066.

How old was Matilda when her dad asked she never step foot out to the library?

your are all wrong i love matilda

How old was Empress Matilda at death?

Empress Matilda died on September 10, 1167 at the age of 65.

In the film Leon which member of her family is Matilda upset about dying?

In "The Professional", Leon rescues Matilda after Matilda's family is murdered by the NYC police. Matilda only mourns the death of her baby brother, the only sib she loved.

How old is heath ledgers daughter?

Matilda is 18 months old.

How old is Matilda rose ledger?

She is 2 years old at the moment.

Is waltzing Matilda a ballad?

Waltzing Matilda is considered an old country Australian folk song and a bush ballad.

How did Jane Matilda Bolin die?

Jane Matilda Bolin died of old age on January 8th, 2011.

How old was mara wilson in Matilda?

8 or 7

How old is Matilda now?

She is about 28 or 29.

How old was queen Matilda of flanders when she became queen?

she was then 37 years old.

How old was Matilda when her dad died in the book Fever?

four years old

Who played Matilda in 'Matilda'?

it was Mara Wilson who played Matilda in the movie Matilda.

How old is Matilda in home and away?

maybe at age 6

Who are the characters in the book Matilda by Roald Dahl?

the main characters are Matilda, Miss Honey, Miss Trunchbull and Mr and Mrs Wormwood. along with Michael(Matilda's brother) bruce bogtrotter and Lavender

What is Matilda surname in Matilda?

Matilda Wormwood, which was changed to Matilda Honey, when Matilda was adopted by teacher, Miss Honey.