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How old are the Christmas canon kids?

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What was the song that was dedicated to the kids that died in Connecticut?

Christmas Canon by Trans Siberian Orchestra

Who originally sang the song Christmas Canon?

The song 'Christmas Canon' was sung originally by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. The song 'Christmas Canon' is part of the album 'The Christmas Attic'.

Who is the original composer of Christmas canon?

Johann Pachelbel composed the original Christmas Canon called Canon in D minor

Who composed the song 'Christmas Canon'?

The song Christmas Canon was composed by the Trans Siberian Orchestra from the 1998 Christmas Album, 'The Christmas Attic.' It is performed in the style of a Christmas orchestra.

What is the name of the song that goes Merry Christmas Merry Christmas its with a girls voice and all the stations are playing it you cant find it Help you?

The song is called Christmas Canon. Their are two versions of the song, Christmas Canon and Christmas Canon Rock. The group that made the song is Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Who wrote Christmas Canon?

Micheal green, it goes to the tune of Pachabelles canon, but was not written by him

What do ten year old kids ask Santa for at Christmas?


On this night on this night on this very christmas night?

Christmas Canon By Trans-Siberian Orchestra

How old are Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse's kids?

They only have kids in movies... like Mickey's Christmas Carol.

What do bad kids get from Father Christmas on Christmas?

Bad kids get a lump of coal from Father Christmas on Christmas Day.

What is the name of the classical music used in Trans-Siberian Orchestra's Christmas Canon?

Pachelbel, Canon in D

What is the Christmas song made with Pachelbels Canon in D?

Pachelbels Canon in D is not Christmas music. Perhaps someone has combined this piece with something else, but it wouldn't have been composed by Pachelbel.

What do the kids get for Christmas?

what did the kid get for christmas

Who played the original melody for Christmas Canon Rock by the Trans Siberian Orchestra?

It's Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D"

Original band Christmas canon rock trans Siberian orchestra guitar?

It's Johann Pachelbel's "Canon in D"

What are some Christmas songs suitable for kids?

Merry Christmas is the best song for Christmas. This song is suitable for adults and kids. Jingle Bell also a great Christmas song for kids and children..

What are the notes for the full song of Christmas canon?

gabggabgbagbagabggabbbaag differnt song

What are the lyrics to the Canon tune from daydreams and lullabies classical kids?

Possibly this is the Canon by Pachelbel, in which case it has no lyrics as originally written.

What do bad kids get from Santa Claus for Christmas?

Bad kids get one lump of coal for Christmas.

What Christmas presents do kids get on Christmas in Sweden?


What is the song with the lines on this night on this night ont his very Christmas night?

"Christmas Canon Rock" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra from their album, The Lost Christmas Eve.

Who is the vocalist on Christmas Canon Rock by the Trans Siberian Orchestra?

Tim Hockenberry

What is the song in the newest estee lauder commercial?

Christmas Canon. By transiberian orchestra

What instruments are needed to play Trans Siberian orchestras Christmas canon?


Does father Christmas have a child?

No, Santa does not have any children because all the kids in the world are his kids and the elfes I met one and she was 133 years old. So Santa must be 20000 years old