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River is 21,rydel is 19,Ratliff is 19,rocky is 18,Ross is 17

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Q: How old are the members in the band r5?
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How old are the members of the band R5?

Formed in 2009, R5 is an American pop-rock band that is currently signed with Hollywood Records as of July 2013. The ages of the members of the band ranges from 17 to 22.

What is the band R5's religion?

The religion of the members of the band R5 is not available. Apparently, they have not made their religion public.

Is the band R5 Mormon?

R5 members have not made their religion public, so it is not known if they are Mormon.

Are all the members of the R5 band related?

No they are not all related

Why is the band R5 named that?

Its because there names start with R and their is 5 members in their band

Does the band R5 cuss?

Does r5 band cuss

Is R5 a boy band?

The R5 is an American boy band. This band plays pop rock in Los California.

Who is the girl in the band r5?

The girl in R5 is Rydel Lynch. She is the sister of everyone else in the band.

What is the band R5?

They are perfection.

Where is r5 from?

The band? Which is Colorado.

Are r5 and mini r5 related?

Yes! The members are all cousins, except for Ellington.

How many fans does the band r5 have?


What is ross lynchs favorite band?


Is the band R5 people all brothers and sister?

The band R5 is all brother and sister. They are all Ross Lynch's brothers and sister.

How old are queen members?

how old are the band members of queen?

Is everyone in r5 the band related?

I've been told that not everyone in the band R5 ISN'T related, but don't take my word for it. I mean what do I know?

Is Ross Lynch in a band?

Yes Ross lynch is in a band call R5

How old are the members of R5?

Riker is 22,rydel is 20,Ratliff is 21,rocky is 19,Ross is 18

How old are the band members in the boy band JLS?

Aston is 23 years old

How old are the freshbeat band members?

In there teens

How old is zz top band members?

All three members are 388 years old.

How old will Ross Lynch be in 2015?

20. he seems so old to be the youngest of his 3 brothers and 1 sister. also he is in a band called R5 with his siblings

How old is r5 2013?


How old are the members of protest the hero?

there are 5 members in the band Protest The Hero

Where does the band R5 live?

By Cali state university or some where in La