How old are windmills?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: How old are windmills?
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What catches more wind new windmills or old windmills?

it depends how the windmills work and the design.Usually new ones are works more better because old ones tend to be used -Kelvin Mo the guy with highlighted hair

Why are windmills used?

windmills are used now for mainly wind energy but in the old times the dutch used them to grind corn and wheat for flour

How do older windmills and new windmills differ?

older windmills make more energy than newer windmills

What are windmills used for?

windmills are there to help save energy and renew electricity.

Where are the windmills in the Legend of Zelda phantom hourglass?

there is no windmills!

Are there windmills in Europe?

Yes, there are lots of windmills in Europe.

What has the author Brian Flint written?

Brian Flint has written: 'Suffolk windmills' -- subject(s): Windmills 'Windmills of East Anglia' -- subject(s): History, Windmills

What is the fear of windmills called?

What is the phobia of windmills called? Experts say that the fear of windmills is called Anemophobia and/or Ancraophobia

What is the usage of windmills?

Windmills produce about 2% of worldwide power.

What is the ISBN of Windmills of the Gods?

The ISBN of Windmills of the Gods is 0688065708.

When was Windmills of the Gods created?

Windmills of the Gods was created in 1987.

When was Drinkstone windmills created?

Drinkstone windmills was created in 1689.