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The basic answer is that it can happen any time after starting puberty and being able to produce and ejaculate semen. "Wet dreams" (or nocturnal emissions, their official medical name) occur the most in the teenage years but can happen at any time in a man's life. In terms of when they can start just depends on the individual's developmental stage, meaning how old they are when they start puberty (ages 12-16).

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Q: How old are you when you have wet dreams?
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Is it okay to have wet dreams at sixteen?

It is normal and healthy for a sixteen year old, to have wet dreams.

How old are you when you stop having wet dreams?

Some people never have wet dreams but others never stop.

Can a 2 year old have wet dreams?


Can a 12 year old have wet dreams?

yes they can

Can 6 year old boys have wet dreams?


Is it normal for a 9 year old to have wet dreams?

yeah it is, every one has wet dreams the age change from kid to kid and some times adults

Can 8 year old boys have wet dreams?

HIGHLY unlikely. If an 8 year old boy had a wet dream that would be not be normal.

Is it bad to have wet dreams over her?

Wet dreams are perfectly normal.

Can a six year old have wet dreams?

No, people have to have entered puberty or pre-puberty to have sexual dreams like that.

Is wet dreams affect the health?

Wet dreams are perfectly normal and healthy.

Can a man have wet dreams when awake?

No, because wet dreams are when you ejaculate in your sleep.

What are Release Dreams?

wet dreams

Is it normal to have wet dreams?

It is perfectly normal; virtually all men have wet dreams.

Are wet dreams a kind of sexual disorder?

No, wet dreams are perfectly natural and normal.

How often do men have wet dreams?

well wet dreams are cuased by a man dreaming

What are guys wet dreams?

Usually boys wet dreams are about girls. It happens when they have puberty

Do all boys have wet dreams?

Around 11 of age for boys to have wet dreams

What do you mean by wet dreams?

Wet dreams describe sexual dreams. This type of dream is natural, providing a necessary release of normal sexual tensions. Although both boys and girls have sexual dreams, a boy's body will produce an emission resulting in clothing or bedding becoming wet. This is the reason sexual dreams are called "wet dreams."

Can a 11 year old boy have wet dreams?

Yes, every boys different

Do wet dreams happen to boys and girls?

Yes. Wet dreams are more common in males and tend to be messier aswell though females also have wet dreams but they can go unnoticed.

Is it normal for an 18 year old guy to be having wet dreams I've had 3 in the last 2 weeks?

A wet dream is usually caused by a dream that has been sexually pleasing to you to a point where you ejaculate. People usually have wet dreams because their body doesn't get enough sexual please when you are conscience. If you want the wet dreams to stop try masterbating or sex.

Is Having wet dreams a disease?

Wet dreams are not a disease and are a perfectly normal part of puberty for men.

Do men 64 years. old have wet dreams?

Well, if this one (me) is anything to go by, yes is the answer.

How to stop wet drems?

There is no way to stop nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). There is a weak correlation between increased masturbation and decreased wet dreams, but it is very weak. Most boys will still continue to have wet dreams regardless of whether they masturbate or not. But if you really want to stop having wet dreams, you can try masturbating to see if it works for you.

Why do you have wet dreams?

Actually there has been no biological reason associated for having nocturnal emissions (wet dreams). It is very weakly correlated with masturbation, but only very weakly. Most boys will have wet dreams regardless of whether or not they masturbate. Some boys experience lots of wet dreams, while others never do.